Comfort Cottage

My friend Debbie Sophera Rossignol has an incredible new site up – She offers Tarot readings by appointment, by e-mail, and Tarot Garden Tea parties – weather permitting! – and local benefits. Debbie is an ABTC certified Tarot Associate, and an incredible garden artist!

Debbie also offers Garden Crafts, including dreamcatchers and crocheted doilies. Soon to come are walking sticks, rattles, wands, Tarot bags/boxes and more!

Her “Comfort Cottage Chronicle” currently offers a recipe for Vanilla Moon Cookies, information on Herbs & Berries, and her own personal take on life and the Tarot.  In this section you will also find a link to purchase her new book “My Ponytail Is Purple”. I was honored to be allowed to read this book pre-publication, and it is a stunner! It is about Debbie’s personal life journey, and her journey with the Tarot. Look for more good things from this lovely lady!

“Side Tracks” gifts the site visitor with links to sites that offer healing and wisdom.

I hope that you take the time to drop by Comfort Cottage – you won’t regret it!

© March 2010 Bonnie Cehovet