Review – Decoding the Pendulum

Decoding the Pendulum

Author: Nicole Guillaume
Foreword by Dusty White
Guiding Echoes

Cover Decoding the Pendulum

There is a great deal of territory covered in this book,  presented in a very light and breezy manner. Guillaume begins by defining what a pendulum is – essentially, according to her, anything that hangs on a chain or a piece of string. I agree with her here – any small weight attached to a string or light chain can be used as a pendulum. She talks about making pendulums yourself, with anything that is available, and I agree with that too. Her feeling on using plastic material is that it should be tossed out after a few uses, as the answers become unreliable. My feeling it hat any material can be cleared, as well as charged, and that this should not be a problem. There is a specific individual recommended if the reader wishes to purchase a pendulum, as they are made to the specifications of the client. Guillaune also suggests using another divination method to help determine whether a specific pendulum is for you if you are not sure.

Sunlight, moonlight, Reiki, sage, pyramids and sea salt are recommended as ways to cleanse a pendulum.  After cleansing the pendulum, the next step is to dedicate it to the light. Suggestions are made on how to dedicate your pendulum, with the thought that the intention is to create a bond between the user, their pendulum, and the energies they will be working with. To this end, the manner in which the pendulum is dedicated needs to feel comfortable to the practitioner.

Now the fun begins, with instructions on how to interpret the manner in which your pendulum is answering you. Basically, the process is to determine how the pendulum will respond with yes or no answers, and how to recognize when the pendulum is “indeterminate”. There is a link included to a video demonstration on You Tube. Guillaune then suggests testing your pendulum by asking it a series of questions that you already know the answer to.

Guillaume also talks about the spirits, or energies, that we are communicating with through the pendulum. This needs to be determined before a session begins. Ther could be a need to communicate with a specific energy (such as an angel or ascended master), with someone who has crossed over, (This is one of the reasons that pendulums, and pendulum work, is dedicated to the light.)

Moving beyond yes and no answers is an interesting section There are all kinds of methods to use here, such as making lists, using the phone book, using charts, and more. Pendulums can also be used in identifying areas of the body that need healing, and chakras that need clearing and balancing.

At times the responses (answers) that we get from our pendulums are simply wrong. Guillaune explains that this may be for many reasons: the pendulum may be overworked, it isn’t really clear, your personal energy is low, the question is not clear, or you yourself influenced the pendulum. Once you understand the reason why, you can prevent it from happening again.

At the end of the book is an appendix on crystals, what energy specific crystals  carry, and the chakra and element they are associated with.

As I noted in the beginning of this review, this book was written in a very light and breezy manner. As with anything, take what you will, and leave the rest behind. There is a wealth of material here, and personal stories that help to put it into perspective.

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