Friday the 13th – Revisited

I was a bit startled earlier this week to see that this Friday is Friday the 13th. I mentioned that on Face Book, and the response was that Friday the 13th is over-rated – that there really is nothing to the superstitions surrounding it. I agree whole-heartedly! However, with my current black cat, and with my past black cat, there a rfe two times out of the year that I keep them in the house – Halloween and Friday the 13th. It is not that I believe in any superstitions, but I do not trust my fellow man, and I do not want to see my cats injured in any manner.

I thought a bit more, and decided to do a blog for Friday the 13th, but on a totally different topic, and one that is very dear to my heart. I have always loved music, sometimes to a greater and sometimes to a lesser degree. At this point in my life, and I would dare say for the rest of my life, music permeates, and will continue to permeate, all parts of my being. I could not exist without it.

Part of what I do right now is to act as the Administrative Assistant for, founded by DJ Soulswede. Based in Sweden, DJ Soulswede promotes music through his weekly Solar Radio shows, and through his audio interviews. I feel incredibly honored to be a small part of this process. (Thank heavens he has patience, as does his webmaster, David Petersson. My learning curve on techie issues is unbelievable!)

What can you expect to find on Interviews with a wide range of musicians, each with his or her own take on life an music. There are the better known names, such as,,,,, and a special tribute to the late

Up and coming names include,,,, and

Recent interviews include and
You can get a taste of Soul’s Solar Radio show here –
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“Man discovered soul music as the answer to a desire for a higher emotional expression” ~ ~ ~ DJ Soulswede

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It Has Come To My Attention …

A couple of things have come to my attention. The first is an excellent article,written by Toni Gilbert, on mapping your developmental journey. The article is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid. The article can be seen here –

The next I am doing a total happy dance about, and that is the release of Jordan Hoggard’s “Tarot In The Land Of Mysterium”. This is a new take on his independently published “Mystereum Tarot”, focusing on acting as an Imagination Primer for children,and for the child within each of us. Schiffer Publishing has done an incredible job of presenting this book/deck set. It can be seen here –

This next site is totally, irrevocably personal to me. Founded by DJ Soulswede, it presents in-depth interviews with soul,funk and R&B entertainers (primarily by DJ Soulswede), the weekly Solar Radio show (by DJ Soulswede and Nate Johnson), video interviews in Progressive Underground, along with some written reviews. Soul Interviews can be seen here –



(c) January 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

Review –

A little over a year ago the Soul Tracks site ( came to my attention. Following one of their links, I was introduced to one of the best music industry interview sites that I have ever seen – Soul Interviews (, founded by DJ Soulswede (Souly).

This is a non-profit site, with the individuals that volunteer for it working their own “day jobs”, and willingly sharing their love for and knowledge of the soul music world. DJ Soulswede himself comes from a musical family. In the mid 80’s he suggested to the manager of a local radio station in Sweden that he air a show dedicated to soul music. Thus the one hour show “Soul Power Radio” (later known as “Soul Food Radio”) was born. The show featured Soulswede’s own unique selection of soul and funk music. The show received a lukewarm welcome, at best. At worst, he received threats while on air, and had to leave the station by the back door.

He also did an interview for a very well respected show on The Swedish National Radio called Soul Corner, interviewing Robert “Kool” Bell and Dennis “DT” Thomas of Kool & The Gang. He interviewed other artists, including Tyrone Davis, BeBe & CeCe Winans and Mitch McDowell of General Kane for his own local radio show. Soulswede was a young man interviewing known artists who came to respect him for his vast knowledge and deep love for the music. For Souly, music is all about credibility, about honesty and a strong melody. This shows through clearly in his interviews.

 Other team members include Armand Tulumello (Astral22 – songwriter, producer, music journalist and label founder),  DJ Funk-O-Nots, She Kent (artist and writer, Book and DVD recommendations), Gabriel Rich (Starchild 7 – Senior Writer  Music Recommendations), SoulCuts (Music Recommendations), Katharina Rumpf (Junior Write, Music Recommendations), Carter Burnette (Editor of the Soul Chronicle), Chris Campbell (Editor of Progressive Underground), Nathan Johnson Jr. (Head of A&R/Production/The SoulInterviews Show), Simon Phillips (Webmaster), Deardra Shuler DEA (Editor of Music Pastures), Louis Johnson (Special guest interview with Al McKay), and Tanisha Jackson (Contributing Writer).

Connected with this site is Sky Digital Channel 0129 and Solar Radio ( The show is heard on Sundays at 9 pm EST in the United States, and Monday at 2 am GMT in the United Kingdom. There is an extensive archive of shows on the Soul Interviews site. The show airs for two hours – the first hour of the current show (11-29-10)  includes music from Sunshine Anderson, Mo Pleasure feat. Maysa, Bashiyra, Nathan Watson and Eugene Wilde. The second hour is classic hour, with music from Freddie Jackson, The Isley Brothers, Chris Jasper, Mikki Bleu and more.

Current interviews include the following:

Note: Each interview is in audio and text format.

Kendrick Jackson –

Chris Jasper –

Demetrius Price –

Rena Scott –

Lenny Williams –

Darnell Kendricks –

Will Downing –

 Keith Sweat –

Both Indies and major labels can be found on this site. It is a tremendous resource for soul music, and to get to know the individuals involved on a very personal level.

 For updates on interviews, please subscribe to DJ Soulswede on Face Book –, or follow him on Twitter – @SoulInterviews. He can also be found on Solar Radio –

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