Review: The 21-Day Revival – A Whole Food and Nutrition Program For A Healthy Body

The 21-Day Revival –
A Whole Food and Nutrition Program
For A Heathy Body


Author: Dr. Joshua Levitt
UpWellness LLC
ISBN #978-1-944462-14-7

“The 21-Day Revival” is a well thought out program developed by naturopathic hysician Dr. Joshua Levitt that addresses specifically chronic inflammation in the body. It gives the reader the tools that they need to keep inflammation under control. Some of the results that you can expect to see when following this program include weight loss, an improved energy level, improvement in skin, mood, and digestion. (As an older female with IBS, all of this is important.)

The book is divided into three main sections: (1) The 21-Day Revival and Nutrition Guide, (2) The 21-Day Revival Program Manual (this section is the day by day guide to moving through the program), and (3) daily lessons.

The program is divided into three phases: Phase One (days 1-7) – phasing out junk food and junk drinks, eliminating white carbohydrate sources and replacing them with whole grains, along with some simple lifestyle changes; Phase Two (days 8-14) – adding more plant based superfoods, decreasing animal protein and sugar; and Phase Three (days 15-21) – focusing on optimized nutrition and maximal anti-inflammatory eating.

The book is chock-fill of very calm (serene) black and white pictures of what is being talked about in each section.  The commentary is to the point, and at a level that everyone can understand. Note: The sections should be followed as they are presented. Eat what is suggested, eliminate from your diet what is suggested, and see how your body reacts.

This book is what I consider to be a tool of empowerment in taking control over my health. I think that you will see it that way too.

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