Tarot e-books – The Perfect Gift!

There is one site in the Tarot world that I consider to be the highest quality “one stop shopping” around. You can find book, deck and software reviews, articles, interviews, teaching material, forums, e-books … anything you want, you will find here with no problem! Where is “here”? Aeclectic Tarot is “here”!

Okay, I do need to add a disclaimer at this point. A great deal of my work is on Aeclectic Tarot. It is there because I trust Solandia implicitly – she runs a tight ship, and has a great deal of integrity. And no, I do not see financial remuneration from this site. (Nor should I – my desire is that all funds go to maintaining the site and keeping it available to the Tarot public.)

Where was I? Oh, yes – the e-books! There is a nice variety of e-books available, including:

* Thirteen’s Tarot Card Meanings e-book

* Aeclectic Tarot Spreads e-book

* Thirteen’s Tarot Reversals e-book

* How To Read Tarot e-book

The e-books can be found here.

© December 2009 Bonnie Cehovet