Egyptian Revenge Spells

Egyptian Revenge Spells
Ancient Rituals For Modern Payback

Author: Claudia R. Dillaire
Crossing Press
ISBN #978-1-58091-190-0

From the promotional material: “Modern spells, rituals and incantations based on ancient Egyptian magic designed to help release our revenge impulses.” This does not impress me. We are not going to grow as individuals if we carry negative emotions within us to the extent that we feel the need to exact revenge. I am brought to mind the caveat that the energy that we send out comes back to us threefold. So, in using these “dark” rituals, are we not bringing this same energy back to us threefold? Just a thought. I also noted that the publishers felt the need to add the words “ For Entertainment Only” at the bottom of the title page.

Dillaire calls herself a practicing pagan, coming from a background of traditional, mainstream religion. She then studied Wicca, moving on to paganism. An interest in dark, destructive magic led her to study mythology and deities. Finally, Egyptian mythology and cosmology as the area that she settled on. Revenge, retribution and coercive magic were practiced alongside with positive, beneficial magic. Dillaire equates Egyptian magic with pagan tradition. Her aim is to make Egyptian magic a viable alternative to Wicca.

Revenge magic is presented here as a way to get closure in bad situations, so that the practitioner can move on in life. The spells are not seen as toys, but as practical expressions of one’s beliefs.

There is a small amount of background information presented on revenge magic, and on the differences between incantation, spells and rituals. The section on Egyptian deities includes the correct pronunciation, how they fit into the Egyptian pantheon, correspondences, associated animals, symbolic associations, epithets, offerings, and the type of spells they are best used for.

There is a section entitled Recipes For Spells, where the literal recipes for concocting the oils are presented. (For example, Anger Be Gone is made up of 8 drops of benzoin essential oil, 6 drops of honeysuckle essential oil, 8 drops of myrrh essential oil and a pinch of basil (fresh or dried).) There is also a section on base (carrier) oils, and their physical properties.

The section on spell casting lists the necessary items required for a spell, what they are used for, and how they are best used. The types of spells are also listed, such as banishing, controlling, courage, reversing and transition.

The section on revenge spells is broken down into four different categories: End Desire, Cause Harm, Protect and Reverse, and Empower Yourself. The directions for each spell listed are very specific, the oil to be used, the type of candles, deities addressed, type of incense, suggested herbs, incantation paper, and custom spell directions.

I would not advise anyone to use a revenge spell, but, if they chose to do so, this book takes the practitioner through the very specific path that is necessary to be followed to achieve the desired results. The book is clearly written, and could be followed by anyone with great ease.

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