Athena’s Spear Spread

Athena’s Spear Spread

Elizabeth Hazel – The Whispering Tarot (2008)

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From Elizabeth: This is a spread to use when a client is facing a challenging situation or needs to make a quick decision about a personal or business situation and is trying to avoid critical errors.

Card 1: Current position
Card 2: Emotional landscape, perceptions of situation
Card 3: Hopes for the future; what is being sent into the world

What is known or emerging:

Card 4: Sources of aid or conflict
Card 5: Possible strategies; things to consider; allies or adversaries


Card 6: Best offense (assertiveness, courage)
Card 7: Best defense (coping skills)


Card 8: Unexpected elements, incoming people, information, options that may change current viewpoint
Card 9: Unexpected gains or losses, material adjustments
Card 10: Outcome

For the purposes of this reading, the situation is not one in which an immediate decision needs to be made, but rather an ongoing process that has reached the point where they need to be absolutely certain that this is the path they want to follow, because it will change their life in a dramatic fashion.

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Card 1: Two of Wands
Card 2: Nine of Wands
Card 3: Ten of Swords
Card 4: Death
Card 5: Ten of Pentacles
Card 6: The Devil
Card 7: Nine of Pentacles
Card 8: The Chariot
Card 9: The Emperor
Card 10: The Hanged Man

Currently, the Seeker is in a place where seriously considering both short and long term goals, predicated on their current situation. The choices are within the Seeker’s control, but there is an indication of a dominant person being in the picture.

The lens of perception for the Seeker on this situation is that of ending one cycle in their life, and moving on (to a higher level). They are trying to think things through, and waiting for someone else involved in the situation to make a decision.

The Seeker is sending out thoughts of ending their life as they know it and literally “reinventing” themselves. There is relief in leaving some things behind.

That which aids (or hold back) the Seeker is their own ability to let go – to have faith in themselves, and in their own future.

What the Seeker needs to take into consideration (whether it works for or against them) is the life that they wish to create for themselves – how do they wish to live? Who do they wish to surround themselves with? What do t hey wish to surround themselves with? What will bring them joy? What will bring them peace?

The best offense for the Seeker is to not stand in their own way. They need to not bind themselves through their own shadows.

Their best defense, their best manner of coping is to allow themselves to accept the status due them.

What is unexpected, what might change the options of the Seeker is their need to balance their four worlds, and the need to give up control.

Any material adjustments that the Seeker may experience will be through their ability to allow someone else to make decisions in their life.

The outcome for the Seeker in this situation depends on their ability to see the big picture – to step back for a moment and be an observer in their own life. They need to look at what they will be sacrificing to make this situation work for them.

© July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet