Review: The Productivity Habit – A 10-Week Journal To Become More Productive

The Productivity Habit
A 10-Week Journal to Become More Productive


Author: Cathy Sexton
Rockridge Press
ISBN #978-1-64152-902-0

I think we are all looking for ways to boost our productivity – whether we work for someone else, or for ourselves. In “The Productivity Habit” Sexton combines the elements of a guided journal with the format of a planner. I have worked with both journaling and planners for a very long time now, so this was very appealing to me. I also tend to take on more than one project at a time, to productivity is important.

The aim of this book is to help the reader create good habits that will help them reach their goals. It is generally accepted that it takes 21 days to change a habit/routine, so working with this journal gives the reader more than a good chance to achieve their goals, and in doing so make the best use of their time – every single day.

Each week there are a series of five Daily Prompts that act to get the reader thinking about any roadblock that there may be to their success, along with the space to write them out. Upon completion of the daily prompt, there is a corresponding goal setting page (a new goal can be set daily). On the sixth day there is a weekly Habit Tracker page where the reader is encouraged to reflect on their insights and progress from the previous week. Also included is a Power-Up! tip to boost the readers efforts and reward them for their week’s work. The seventh day is an “off” day – a day to rest. Throughout the journal Make It A Habit tips are added in – they can be placed in the reader’s life at any time to help with productivity.

I found the formatting of the book to be easy to follow, and fun to work with. At the beginning of the book are listed five roadblocks to productivity: mindset, planning, prioritization, focus, and energy. Reviewing these is a good way to start this journey. I loved that goal setting included the goal itself, the date that you want to reach it by,daily/weekly/monthly action that can be taken, action steps, and what will remind the reader to keep moving forward. Each week has a theme: Week 1 is “The Importance of Being Honest – A Place To Start”, Week 5 is “What’s Working And What’s Not”, and Week 8 is “The Art Of Scheduling Time”.

At the end of the book is a resource section including books, blogs, and apps.

For anyone who wants to work in a more productive manner, and understand their own thinking process, this is an excellent book. I have a real aversion to writing in books, so I took the format of this book and put it into an e-file. Whatever works for the reader, works!

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