Green Wisdom Oracle Cards

The Green Wisdom Oracle Cards are the latest wisdom coming from someone in the Tarot world that I admire greatly – James Wanless, Ph.D. of Voyager Tarot fame. These cards – ten years in the making – are not yet available to the public. However, they can be seen here: Green Wisdom Cards.

On his site, the cards are subtitled “Nature’s Principles For Personal and Planetary Sustainability and Success”. On his blogsite James encourages site visitors to contribute their thoughts about the Green Wisdom cards – specifically, how each card helps us by following their natural wisdom.

James has sample chapters from the accompanying book on his site, including Chapter 1 – The Ecologic Vision, Chapter 2 – Way of Whole Growth, Chapter 3 – Green Wisdom Cards, Chapter 4 – The Natural Mind, and Chapter 5 – Nature’s Way: Intuition.

The card themes are: Elements, Fauna, Flora, and Human. In his blog, James does an incredible job of mixing discussion, poetry, and questions that each card provokes.

Spend some time here – there is a wealth of information! If you are a publisher – contact James! IMHO – This deck needs to get out there! 🙂