‘Tis The Season!

Black Friday has passed, and we are now “in the season” – the wonderful holiday shopping season. Commercial hoo hah aside, we are looking for great gifts to give family, friends, business associates … and the ubiquitous “from me, to me” gifts. There is so much out there in the Tarot world, that I thought that I would do short blogs on a daily basis until Christmas, presenting different gift options.

I am currently working with an outstanding interactive Tarot site, presented to us by the amazing Ciro Marchetti. His site – www.legacyofthedivinetarot.com – has soooooo much to offer. The section that I am working with right now is the Reading Room – where I have a choice of three decks (The Gilded Tarot, Tarot of Dreams, and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot). I can create my own template for each reading, make personal notes, and then save the notes for future reference on the site.

This is a subscription only site, with a very reasonable charge of $8.00 USD per month. What a wonderful gift to you give to yourself, and what a very thoughtful gift to give to others.  


© November 2009 Bonnie Cehovet