Review – How To Manifest Money Effortlessly

How To Manifest Money Effortlessly

Techniques To Be More Prosperous

Author: Dr. Bruno Cignacco PhD
ISBN #978-1-78279-082-2

How To Manifest Money Effortlessly

Like water money is a carrier. It can carry blessed energy, possibility

or intention, or it can carry control, domination and guilt.

Lynne Twist

“How To Manifest Money Effortlessly” is focused on the myriad  techniques that anyone can use to manifest money in their life. Dr. Cignacco  is a university professor of business in the UK  (on  both the undergraduate and post-graduate levels), and is an international speaker and advisor on  business topics. He has studied metaphysics for over fifteen years, giving him a solid background in both the business of money and how money operates energetically in our life.

Money – and how to manifest it into our lives – is of concern to all of us. In discussing the purpose of this book, Dr. Cignacco notes that money has no intrinsic value of its own – it is a tool that may be used in either positive or negative ways. The strategies presented in this book are meant to be put to work in the reader’s life, with the added benefit of expanding their belief system.

Section 1 begins with a discussions about the wrong assumptions we may have about money (such as “money is the root of all evil”, and “it takes time ti make money”), and how we can replace them with right assumptions. Dr. Cignacco notes that we accept these wrong assumptions because of a principle of social proof, which states “we determine what is correct by finding out what other people think is correct.” These assumptions are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind.

To replace these wrong assumptions with correct assumptions, the reader is offered several assumptions to consider (such as “money is a symbol”, and “money is a living spiritual substance”.  It certainly gives one something to think about! As an exercise, the reader is asked to answer the following questions: “How do each of the positive meanings resonate in your mind?”, “Are those connotations challenging your longstanding beliefs? If so, explain how. If not, explain why not.” “What are the benefits of incorporating these affirmative meanings to your current belief system?”  In this way we each face our own internal belief system, and are able to change our way of thinking.

Dr. Cignacco goes on to discuss the Law of Attraction, and how our thoughts draw things to us. Positive or negative – what we are thinking manifests into our life. For this reason he encourages readers to take responsibility for their thinking in all areas of their life. He suggests that the vibration of our thoughts will attract things of equivalent vibration. What do we need to take responsibility for our thoughts? We need self-confidence and patience.

In Section II Dr. Ciganno discusses strategies to manifest more money. These strategies become our “toolbox” for manifesting money. Amongst these strategies are visualization, generosity of attitude, gratitude, de-cluttering, meditation, positive thinking, setting goals, chakra cleansing, feng shui, intuitive insights, affirmations, emotional release techniques, playfulness, contact with nature, energy management, money as a friend, the Golden Key,

In his appendices, Dr, Cignacco adds a dew other tips to use in attracting money, such as silence, flow, co-operation, thinking about new ways to make money, and money education.

Each technique that is described in this book is covered as to its general energy, as well as specific ways to use it in your life. The book is filled with exercises and just plain common sense. There is a world of usable information contained within these pages, making it an excellent reference book when studying how to manifest money.

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