Review – I Was Born Into A Den Of Wolves

I Was Born Into A Den Of Wolves

Author: Clifton Davis
ASIN #B00639HH4O

Den of Wolves Cover

Life sometimes happens in very strange ways. While waiting in line at the DMV I had to very good luck to meet Mr. Clifton Davis and his wife. That chance meeting led to my reading Mr. Davis’ book. He has so much to say, on so many different levels, that I would like to share this book with you.

Mr. Davis was born in Alabama in 1932. This book, on one level, is his life story. On another level, it speaks of his spiritual center, and of the importance of family. On yet another level, it speaks of the inequalities and atrocities that occur in daily life, especially to black people, and which are swept under the rug. It is about those who allow themselves to take on the entity of a wolf, through becoming obsessed with material possessions, violence, greed, racism, hatred, and deceit.

I appreciate the fact that Mr. Davis is well spoken, and his book well reasoned. He talks about things that many of us don’t want to talk about, such as the fact that those who write our history write it in their own words, and reflect their own perception of events (or blatantly paint their own picture of history). He also talks about the five things that families in America pass on to their children … things that keep them from accomplishing their goals. These five things are violence, hatred, greed, racism, and the quest for individual power.

Mr. Davis takes us through the span of his life, sharing stories that pertain to specific people, in specific situations, and how this affected him. One very strong story was that of one of his teachers from his younger years, a lady who was clearly biased towards lighter skinned blacks, and who carried the thread through her teaching that the students ancestors were all slaves (this was an all black school), and that none of the students would ever make a meaningful contribution to this country – ever.

Through choice, Mr. Davis spent many years in Europe with the military. He found that he felt accepted in Europe, while in America he experienced both overt and covert racism.

“I Was Born Into A Den Of Wolves” is a thought provoking book – one that many people may not like, but one that I feel presents an accurate picture of America, good and bad. My hope is that many people will read this book, and will assimilate its lessons into their lives, so that real change can be made in this world.

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