Review: Lost Your Pet -Action Steps To Find Him

Lost Your Pet –
Action Steps To Find Him

Author: Carol J. Donaldson

Lost Your Pet cover

The deepest relationship that we can have in life is the unconditional relationship that we have with our pets. It is heartbreaking to have a pet come up lost (I can personally attest to this, as one of my male cats recently went AWOL for two weeks!) We are blessed to live in an age where we have the resources of the Internet to help us find our lost pet.

“Lost Your Pet – Action Steps To Find Him” focuses on what to do if and when a pet becomes lost. The biggest thing is that we need to start doing something immediately – do not wait for one single second, hoping they will “show up”!

Donaldson discusses, in a step by step manner, the things that need to be done, including searching inside the house, outside of the house, canvassing the neighborhood, contacting local pet agencies, and working with the resources of the Internet.

She discusses flyers, and the information that needs to be on them (including a picture of the pet), as well as being proactive with chipping a pet (and remembering to contact the company that the pet is chipped through when a pet goes missing).

Topics covered include offering a reward, the most appropriate way to pick up a pet if you have received a call that someone has found your pet (meet in a public place, and never go alone!), and keeping your contact information updated.

The bottom line – never stop looking! Your pet is scared, and may not be able to make their own way home. It is up to you to do everything that you can to facilitate their return. This is a good book for all pet owners to have as a reference.

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