Tarot Birth Card Pairs: Moon/Hermit

Over the next year I am going to be writing about Tarot Birth Cards, what they mean and how we can work with them. I use the system of Tarot Birth Cards developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School (www.tarotschool.com). Using the Seeker’s birth data (month, day and year), pairs of birth cards are defined. (For more information, and to calculate your own Birth Cards, go to http://tarotschool.com/Calculator.html.)

Please note: I have a book being published by Schiffer Books in fall of 2011 – “Tarot, Birth Cards and You: Keys To Empowerment” (http://www.schifferbooks.com/newschiffer/book_template.php?isbn=9780764339028), incorporating images from Karyn Easton’s “Tarot Lovers Tarot”. This was to have been a joint project (book and deck published together), but the decision was made to publish both separately, which I find very exciting! Karyn has a Birth Card calculator up on her site, where you can also view her incredible deck (it really is!) –http://paranormality.com/tarot-birth-card-calculator.shtml.

A special thanks to Leisa ReFalo http://www.tarotconnection.net, who developed the Birth Card Calculator, and graciously gave us permission to use it.

Our ninth pair of Birth Cards are the Moon (Key 18) and the Hermit (Key 9). Some of the associations for these cards are:

The Moon:

Astrological Sign: Pisces
Keywords: grounding, connection with dreamtime, psychic ability, emotional connection, feminine wisdom, unconscious, working with cycles, illusion, lack of clarity.

The Hermit:

Astrological Sign: Virgo
Keywords: Solitary, turning inward, search for internal truth, internal journey, mentor/teacher/guide, sharing wisdom with others, searching for meaning, issues with mentors, lack of a mentor, hidden potential.

The theme for this lifetime is finding ones own truth, and connecting with oneself.

We can choose to do personal work with our own Birth Cards, we can use Birth Cards in conjunction with a reading for a client (place their birth cards, drawn from a deck other than the one you are reading with, above the spread(s) laid out for them). The spread(s) are then read through the lens of perception of the Seeker’s Birth Cards. As added value, a reader could give their client scans of their Birth Cards, along with a short write-up about them. Readers can also use the Birth Card system to better understand other people in their own lives (family, co-workers, friends etc.).

The key to bringing balance to any lifetime is that of understanding how and where your Birth Cards are operating in your life. The Star and Strength represent the two aspects of the gateway into a 17/8 lifetime. The Star is ruled by Aquarius, placing focus on looking within, trusting what is there, and allowing ourselves to hope. Of importance here also is the ability to question things on an intellectual level, and to communicate well.

The Moon and the Hermit represent the two aspects of the gateway into a 18/9 lifetime. The Moon is ruled by Pisces, placing focus on emotions and the unconscious. It is related to the unconscious, and to things that are hidden. It is also involved with the cycles of life. Look for hidden agendas and the face (persona) that each individual presents to the world.

The Hermit is ruled by Virgo, placing the focus on work, self-improvement and self-empowerment. Here we see the focus of the individual turning inward, searching for their own personal truth. Once the individual discovers that truth, they take it out into the world and share it with others.

The Moon and the Hermit set the tone for this lifetime. The path that the individual walks is one that addresses who they are, and how they present themselves in life. The Moon is all about illusion, about that which is hidden from us, and agendas (our own, and that of others). It is about our unconscious, about dreamtime, feminine wisdom and the cycles of life.

The Hermit is all about finding our own path, and following it. The individual gains a clear view of where they are, The truth to be found here is a spiritual truth. The Hermit becomes a recluse in order to create the time for personal contemplation. The answers are at the heart of the Hermit, and are to be found in calm and quiet time. Finding ones own truth is a healing process – the Hermit marks the end of a cycle, and a healing from the issues inherent in that cycle.
An 18/9 (Moon/Hernit) individual empowers themselves by accessing their unconscious and opening themselves to collective wisdom. They balance this with going within to find their own personal wisdom, which they then take out into the light of day and share with others.

Images from the “Tarot Lovers Tarot”, Karyn Easton, 2008, paranormality.com.

© September 2011 Bonnie Cehovet