Christine Payne-Towler New Moon Tarotlogy January 2011

Some of you out there HAVE to be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourselves “Ummmm Bonnie … This is April, not January! You did, however, get the year right. All is not lost.” You are paying attention! Good! We are entering the second quarter of 2011 … what I see in my life, and the life of my clients, is that major changes are happening, and life is moving faster and faster. We have to know what we want to leave behind, what we want to bring in, and what the environment that we are doing all of this in has to offer. This is why I am reintroducing the link to Christine Payne-Towlers January New Moon 2011 article.

Christine talks about January’s partial solar eclipse in Capricorn, and other astrological positions. She uses the Continental model as a reference for her work, which in these articles is to provide commentary from the Tarot on current astrological positions. Here is Christine’s summation – I hope that it encourages you to read the entire article!


As a whole, this group of cards seems to be quite coherent, in the sense that all signs point to exercising the instinctive native genius instead of repeating pre-programmed reflexes entrained through acculturation. The Venus card suggests that you let yourself steer away from things that feel malevolent to you. The Jupiter card reminds that there is no need to hurry; natural momentum is your ally at the moment. The Mercury card assures that we each have everything we need to go forward with confidence.  The Saturn card suggests that we lend aid to those who find themselves falling short in these difficult times.  Finally, the Mars card implies that its time to engage the community in a problem-solving expedition that can backstop tried-and-true approaches with fresh viewpoints and new tools.  In composite, it seems that this Capricorn NewMoon is offering us a chance to come to a new focus, defend our boundaries, go with what’s working but also be quick to change when better ideas come along. This is perfect advice for the New Year, so I’ll leave it here in trust that my readers know just where these ideas are meant to be applied.”

The article can be seen here – Touching base with this article will help you clarify where you are, where you are going, and what you will be facing inhte coming year.

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet