Review – Buds … Blossoms … Blooms

Buds … Blossoms … Blooms

Propagating Personal, Metaphysical,

And Spiritual Growth

Author: Noreen Jameson
Artist: Noreen Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-105-77881-0

Buds ... Blossoms ... Blooms

“Buds … Blossoms … Blooms”” is the sixth book in this series of books by Noreen Jameson. Noreen is a metaphysician, healer, and Druid – her books deal with empowering ourselves, and becoming authentic people. I cannot recommend them highly enough! The first three books in this series (“Petals of the R.O.S.E.”, “Wells of Wisdom”, and “Whispers … I know …”) were meant to act as the “roots” of an all-encompassing Tree. Her fourth book, “Lifescapes”, was meant to act as the trunk of the Tree. Her fifth book, “Branching Out”, is an expansion of previous information, along with new “buds” of information being presented. What we are seeing here is the highly esoteric (IMHO) being brought down to an everyday understanding.

One of the biggest messages that this book carries is that we are all children of the same universe, and no matter how you want to say it, it is time to love one another. Jameson notes that the material in this book offers the reader the opportunity to move beyond personal stagnation, to “grab the light”, and bloom with expanded knowledge. That is what this series is all about – sharing wisdom, sharing knowledge. Then it is up to the reader to “take what they will, and leave the rest behind”.

A huge, huge bonus is the material that begins this book – Jameson’s thoughts on energy healing – including what each hand position effectively treats.  This is healing work that anyone can do, as it comes from spirit, not from within ourselves. We are only the channel for the healing.

Worry Beads (or, as some people prefer to call them, prayer beads) is another tool that anyone can use to relieve stress and anxiety. The history behind them is quite interesting! It is also fascinating to see how this practice is included in many of the world’s religions, as well as with both Reiki and the Runes. There is also a Tree of Life Rosary practice. Other prayer bead practices include Ethiopian Orthodox Mequtaria, Orthodox Rosary (which was adopted by the Catholic Church), the Eastern Christian Chotki Rosary, Anglican and Episcopal Prayer Beads, the Lutheran Rosary, the Wiccan Rosary, and Pagan Prayer Bead Mantras. The same concept, carried out in many different ways.

There is a very good section on the history of Sacrifice Beads, and the Little Way. This is something that I had never heard of. The practice began with St.Therese of Lisieux, who as a small girl was given a set of beads by her older sister. The beads were to be used as a way of counting the things she offered up for God. This became part of her “Little Way”, an expression that she used to describe her manner of living a spiritual life, and her quest for sanctity.

Another version is the Strands of Pebbles™ Universal Prayer Beads ™. These are Jameson’s personal, Divinely Inspired, name for Multi-Faith, Inter-Denominational, Ecumenical Prayer Beads of her own design. The design of these beads is given through her Angels and Guides, especially the number of beads included, and the materials used (all of which are earth oriented).

Jameson presents a section on blessing water, and on the use of Blue Solar Water, or water charged by the Sun. Water is a precious resource, and, IMHO, it is out mandate to respect it, and use It wisely. Also addressed is using water as an energy cleansing tool. Carried to another level, we learn about Holy Water, which is water used to purify people and places, and which is not restricted to the Christian Church.

As I noted earlier, Jameson is a practicing Druid. In this book, she has included a section on an introduction to Druidry. In her words:

“The work of the Druids is the work of re-making the connections between our everyday lives and the wonder and Magick of the inner worlds. We current day Druids  and Wiccans are trying to again open the gates of the Soul, where everything we still remember resides. To once again use the Power of the Self: intellect, intuition, instinct and emotions to seek the good of ALL people which are health, wealth, wisdom, Love and personal power.”

Ritual and magick have their own section. Ritual here is defined as a combination of proper speech, proper gesture, proper thought, and the knowledge of the meanings and powers of natural things, times and seasons.

Meditation is also covered, with a very good “how to” section that can be used by anyone, from any persuasion. Chakra toning is also presented … the specific vibrational tones associated with each of the chakras. It is through these tones that we bring ourselves back into balance and heal.

Along another “how to” line are instructions for making incense, candles, and essential oils.

As you can see, this book is cram backed with a TON of information, all of it usable! A significant resource for anyone wishing to learn and grow.

“Buds … Blossoms … Blooms” can be purchased here –

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Review – Windscapes


Author: Noreen Jameson
Artist: Noreern Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-300-08378-0

Windscapes cover

“Windscapes” is the seventh book in this series of books by Noreen Jameson. Noreen is a metaphysician, healer, and Druid – her books deal with empowering ourselves, and becoming authentic people. I cannot recommend them highly enough! The first three books in this series (“Petals of the R.O.S.E.”, “Wells of Wisdom”, and “Whispers … I know …”) were meant to act as the “roots” of an all-encompassing Tree. Her fourth book, “Lifescapes”, was meant to act as the trunk of the Tree. Her fifth book, “Branching Out”, is an expansion of previous information, along with new “buds” of information being presented. What we are seeing here is the highly esoteric (IMHO) being brought down to an everyday understanding.

In “Windscapes”, Jameson addresses letting go of that which does not serve our highest good …of allowing it to quietly blow away. The tone of the book is set with this statement: “As always, I respectfully request that you keep an open mind; the goal is never to question anothers’ Path, but to fearlessly and truthfully examine your own.

Topics addressed in “Windscapes” cover quite a gamut – nutrition (and how to make home-made yogurt, Yeshua and Buddha, affirmations, gentle prayers, crystal divination, yin and yang, Egyptian Zodiac Signs, acorns of knowledge, Tattwas, sacred writings, palmistry, the 72 Kabbalistic Names of Godde, Native American Full Moon Names, and reflexology.

Those who have read Jameson’s previous work will realize that the topics covered in this book both expand on her original work, and fill in a few blanks. The book begins with Jameson answering questions that readers have asked. This is more than a great idea, because if one reader has a question, many more have the same question, but just aren’t asking it. Her responses reference specific sections of her previous books.

The information presented in this book is in depth, and easy to follow. It represents a lifetime of work and study, along with the ability to access Spirit and bring through messages. It is written in such a fashion that the reader can easily implement the information in their life.   Work with prayer, meditation, crystals (including programing and scrying), tattwas (the five elemental shapes) and more.

From the book:

“If you can visualize it, you can get it! If you “imagine” it, you have it!

 If you conceive it”, you achieve it!”

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Review – Branching Out

Branching Out

Author: Noreen Jameson
Artist: Noreen Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-105-77879-7

Branching Out cover

“Branching Out” is the fifth in a series of books by Noreen Jameson. Noreen is a metaphysician, healer, and Druid – her books deal with empowering ourselves, and becoming authentic people. I cannot recommend them highly enough! The first three books in this series (“Petals of the R.O.S.E.”, “Wells of Wisdom”, and “Whispers … I know …”) were meant to act as the “roots” of an all-encompassing Tree. Her fourth book, “Lifescapes”, was meant to act as the trunk of the Tree. In the fifth book, “Branching Out”, there is an expansion of previous information, along with new “buds” of information being presented. What we are seeing here is the highly esoteric (IMHO) being brought down to an everyday understanding.

What will you find in this book? A ton of information, that’s what! Okay, to be more specific. Jameson addresses metaphysical meaning of the five-petaled Rose (the sign of the Feminine Divine), brings us messages from the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, the Elementals, and the Divine Mother, numbers, chakras, distant healing, Reiki, Runes, the Kabbalah, presents us with a Tarot primer, and talks about prayer and meditation beads. Did you catch your breath yet?

The section on the rose and its myths and legends is beautifully done. I have always enjoyed the messages that Jameson brings through in her books from various sources … they are enlightening and uplifting. The messages in this book are no different … they take the reader into a kinder, gentler world.

In her section “Coexist”. Jameson talks about faith, religion, and how we personally experience them. She advises at least exposing yourself to the knowledge of other religious experiences. She states that religion lives and prospers by faith and insight. She sees spiritual growth as an awakening to your own inner needs. Spirituality then becomes the indicator of one’s nearness to God and the measure of one’s usefulness to fellow beings.

I truly appreciated that Jameson included sections on the chakras, distant healing, and Reiki. These are all tools of healing that we can all use, on ourselves and on/for others. I love the Runes … they tell wonderful stories, and give great advice! In Kabbalah, the red string bracelet is more than an ornament … it is used as a form of protection from the threat of the “Evil Eye”. Wearing the Red String Bracelet signifies the wearer’s intent to receive God’s protection and blessing, and the wearer’s intent to become a better person by performing acts of goodness, kindness, and humility.

The Tarot primer section is exactly that – a primer. The basic metaphysical meaning of the 78 cards and the four suits is given, which is enough to make the journey that is the Tarot understandable.

The tools presented in this book, along with the activities that will implement them in the reader’s life, are phenomenal. More than worth the price of admission.

“Branching Out” can be purchased here.

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Review – Lifescapes


Think – Re-member – Un-learn

Author: Noreen Jameson
Artist: Noreen Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-105-77870-4


This is the fourth book by Noreen Jameson. The first three books comprise a trilogy – “Petals of the R.O.S.E.”, “Wells of Wisdom”, and “Whispers … I Know …”. I have to mention something right off the bat about this book that makes me smile – the use of the infinity symbol in the middle of a blank page to separate parts of the book. This is profound!

From the preface:

“Have you ever had the affinity for a place you’ve never been to, nor had a relation to? Perhaps, for instance, Ireland intrigues you, yet your Nationality/Heritage/Ancestry isn’t Irish, Celtic, or Gaelic? Maybe Spain, France, or even Egypt “feel” right to you, yet your Genealogy records don‘t indicate any relationship to the Nation/Country/Area that seems to “call” to you consistently?

Lifescapes will explore our Remembering and Re-membering.

Why do you believe what you believe? Is it because you’ve investigated a spiritual/religious belief? Or is it because it was what you were taught?

Lifescapes will challenge you to Un-learn “taught” dogma, and provoke you to THINK.”

Hearing a little woo woo music in the background? Would it help to know that Jameson is a metaphysician, healer … and Druid?

Noreen notes that one reason e may want to un-learn something is that it doesn’t resonate with our Highest Good.  The challenge that she offers us is to re-member ancient knowledge. She discusses conventional religion, the dogma that it contains, and the patriarchal society. Her purpose in writing this book is to put the thought out into the world that wisdom should not be hoarded. (Note: this is my interpretation of her purpose.)

I love this quote that she puts out there – it has been my mantra for a long time: “Take what you want, and leave the rest behind.”(Buddha rephrased.)

Jameson looks at religion, and why it is used as the impetus for wars. She also recommends that we question not the religion of others, but our own religion. The questions that she poses here are posed with the intent to make the reader think. There is a graphic in the book that is amazing! In the center of the page we see a globe with the words “Golden Rule” written on it. Circling the globe are the world’s religions, with a short notation about what the religion is based on.

Jameson talks about something very important … the spoken and the written word, and how they can be misinterpreted. We take a journey through Christianity, its written word and a bit of its history. Then she moves on to the topic of Godde (God/dess), and how we tend to humanize the image of Godde. She talks about Godde as the creator of the universe, and as an integral part of who we are. She looks at whether we need to prove the existence of a Higher Power to believe in it. From the book: “… For the wakened mind is one that knows its Source, its Self, its Holiness.” ACIM 1134.

It is interesting reading about how and why we remember people, places, and times. I think e all have a longing for a specific place. For me it is primarily France, and the UK. And yes, that is my genealogy – French, English, Irish, and Scots. And I see this not in the present day, but in the Napoleanic times. I have hear that the time period that we see ourselves in is the one that is most relevant to this lifetime. Jameson talks about these past life memories, and past life regression. She also talks about dreamtime, and the images that come to us. Karma, and the akashic records also come into play here.

There is also a really great section on clearing past karma – something that we can do on our own. Part of this is a letter that you hand write, read over a period of three days, and then burn. Quite empowering! There is also a past life contract termination, a procedure that relieves sadness, raises our vibration, centers and balances, an d helps us to  end negative associations.

Bottom line – we unlearn so that we can learn. At the least, e are clearing away what is not working for us, and making room for something new to come in. From the book: “You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself.” Galileo.

It is all about respect (Respect E very Spiritual Path Every Cultural Tradition), and  the R.O.S.E. (Realizing Our Spiritual Essence).

Jameson touches on magic, ritual, spells, and the occult. A spell is defined as a prayer, Magic is the result of a prayer or ritual. How did these practices become so fearful? Jameson posits that this may be because these practices were largely the realm of women, and some men who manipulated sacred writings didn’t want women to have more power than they did.

One of my favorite sections is on mystery schools and secret societies. I love why they exist, their back stories, and the wisdom that they carry. Jameson feels that they have run their course … that in place of having wisdom carriers we need to share that wisdom.

An important section is that on Guidance for Spiritual Enlightenment/Awakening. This is a series of statements that we can all use to live by, to be the best people that we can be, to empower ourselves. As is the section on prayer, the instructions on meditation, an exercise on compassion, and a daily activity exercise.

This is not just a book to be read, it is a book to be worked with. Powerful wordsin this book!

Lifescapes can be purchased here.

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Review – “Whispers I Know”

Whispers I Know

Author: Noreen Jameson
ISBN #978-1-105-60932-9

In the name of the Highest Being …
without beginning, without end …
the Eternal Being …
(from the introduction)

Noreen begins this book, her third (the first two being “Petals of the R.O.S.E.” and “Wells of Wisdom”), with the notation that she prefers to speak of her spiritual work as intuitive in nature, as opposed to being psychic. I agree with her, for the very reasons that she gives – that the word psychic is often regarded as being somehow in the realm of charlatans and fakirs. She then goes on to describe the different ways of sensing – clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairalience (clear smelling), and claircognizant (clear knowing).

As a claircognizant, she knows things without ever having studied them, and without having any knowledge of the person or situation that she is receiving information about. This book is a continuation of her first two books … presenting information that has come to her in many different ways. (It might behoove me to note her that Noreen is a gifted metaphysician, healer, intuitive, and empath, who works closely with her guides and angels.)

One of the first things that Noreen talks about is finding our own spiritual essence, and that in doing so we will need to discard layers of negative/false conditioning. (Note: This is my perspective. We grow up with certain religious, cultural, and familial strictures/guidelines. As we go out into the world, we experience new things, and truly see what works for us. We keep what works for us, and discard the rest. Easier than it sounds, as family, friends, and the culture around us all push their own expectations on us.)

We are also encouraged to let our inner child out to play (not such an easy thing for an earth centered Cappie like me to do!). Easier for me is the encouragement to practice meditation, prayer, or simply take a “time out” on a regular basis. Be present, and live in the moment. Noreen touches on self-acceptance, and allowing ourselves to experience our emotions without repressing them, or judging them.

I loved the part about the life changes that we will experience when we live our spiritual essence. Amongst other things, we will feel lighter, worry less, experience less stress, and manifest more of what we want with less difficulty.

Each of the “clair” abilities is defined, along with how we process the information. Knowing that we have these abilities is really of no use until we develop them. The information in this book allows the reader to understand the process, which in essence takes the fear out of it. Then it goes one step further – with suggestions on how to develop each ability/ For this alone this book is worth a read!

The section on chakras is another of my favorites. The chakra system is how we process energy throughout our body. The seven major chakras are aligned on our spinal column (with the sixth chakra on our forehead, and the seventh chakra at the top of our head), and move energy up and down our spine. A blockage in one chakra not only presents problems with that particular chakra, but has the ability to affect all of the other chakras. I found the explanations of the chakras, how to tell if they were blocked, how to unblock them, and the questions that we need to ask ourselves, quite pertinent (as well as easy to understand).

A true gift is the section on grounding. It is so easy in this very fast paced world of our to become ungrounded. Too much information flying at us way too fast – instant overwhelm! To remain in the present, living from our center, we need to make the effort to remain grounded. Noreen presents information on Be-Ing Simple (a light meditation on the breath), and combining music with prayer/meditation.

There is also a section on crystals/gemstones and their color and energy associations. (The energy associations are specifically for abundance/ prosperity, safety/protection, dreamtime, healing/health issues, relationships, love relationships, and creativity.) Those who want to work with crystal grids will find information on that here too. For anyone who wants to do work on themselves, this will be pertinent information.

There is so much in this book that the reader can put to use in their life – including writing abundance checks (new moon schedules are provided for 2012 through 2015, as this is done within 24 hours after a new moon) and working with play money.

Noreen presents the Celtic Tree of Life as a subtle form of energy healing, on all levels. It is something that we can do on ourselves, as well as on others. Working with this system has many benefits, including clearing negative emotional patterns, connecting with Higher Self and Spirit, processing and releasing blocks, restoring balance, increasing awareness and clarity, and opening to vitality and wellness.

For those that work with Angels, Guides, and Archetypal energy, there is information on that here too! There is a nice explanation of what these energies are, and how to work with them. This is followed by a section on the construction and use of prayer beads. (I had never stopped to think that the prayer beads we place on our alter can be made of more delicate materials that prayer beads that we intend to carry with us!) If you want to construct your own prayer beads, this is a great section for you!

Noreen addresses Life Path Numbers as a tool for assessing our own spiritual essence. This section will lead many readers to a better understanding of themselves, and those around them. It is a tool that can be combined with other tools, such as Tarot, Angel work, and working with our Guides.

Another wonderful tool for understanding ones self and others is the Runes. They are presented here with great clarity … readers will find them very easy to work with. (This reminds me that I need to locate my set of Rose Quartz Runes – one that was specially made for me by a dear friend who has since passed on.)

Pendulum work is also discussed. A template is presented for asking questions of the pendulum which I find very interesting. I generally work within a directional Yes/No manner, so this is something new to me.

At the end of the book is an index that lists Tarot correspondences – what quality/energy is associated with which cards. This is a great help in learning the Tarot, or in expanding your knowledge of the Tarot.

There is a great deal of wisdom to be found within these pages (Note: I am reviewing the PDF format of this book). It is a wonderful read, and a great resource to have for personal work. Two thumbs up!

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Review – Wells of Wisdom

Wells of Wisdom

Author: Noreen Jameson
Cover: Noreen Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-105-58963-8

In the name of the Highest Being …
without beginning, without end …
the Eternal Being …
(from the book)

This is the second in a series of books by Noreen Jameson (aka Maven Noreen). In her first book (Petals of the R.O.S.E), she gifted us with channeled wisdom from various Guides, Angels, Guardians, and the Fae. This book is excerpted from her personal Book of Wisdom, a book that she has been keeping for over forty years. It comes from many sources, and can be considered Ancient Knowledge or Wisdom.

The holistic knowledge shared in this book is wisdom that Maven Noreen has but to use in her own life. She likens the answers that we seek to pieces of a puzzle, given to those that will listen and share, at various stages in their life.

She begins with a well thought out discussion on what metaphysics is, and the thought that all paths lead to recognition and remembrance. She notes that working on ourselves is the most important work that we can do. She encourages the reader that by following their joy, abundance will follow. Most important of all – revelation comes through experience.

“We have to forget what we learned in this dream before we can remember.” (from the book)

Side note: The Divine in this book is referred to as Godde. This spelling incorporates both the feminine and the masculine aspects of the Divine.

Maven Noreen addresses such things as symptoms of awakening (how important for our times!), attributes and characteristics of being Highly Sensitive, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and much more. What I really appreciate is that she takes the information from the mental realm into the physical world, which is the world that we all experience it in.

The wisdom in this book is presented through several different avenues: Crystals and Gems, Essential Oils, Herbs/Supplements/Foods, Energy-healing and Alternative Modalities, Centering/Meditation/Prayer, and more.

A sample from Gems and Crystals reads:


Physical – Amber absorbs negative energy and transmutes this to positive energy thereby helping the body to heal itself. Helps with tissue revitalization, and is also good for throat, kidneys, and bladder, and teething pain in small children.

Mental/Emotional – Amber bestows wisdom, balance, and patience on the wearer. It brings calming and cheering influences and helps you to feel freedom from care. Amber is a stone of good luck and happiness, which encourages creativity.

A sample from essential oils reads:


Almond oil, the symbol of wakefulness to the Egyptians, is used extensively in prosperity rituals by anointing candles and money, as well as added to money incenses.

A sample from Herbs/Supplements/Foods reads:

Willow Bark (and Meadowsweet, Wintergreen)

Willow Bark is the original source of aspirin (salicylates, salicylic acid) and naturally relieves pain and inflammation. Other herbs, such as Meadowsweet and Wintergreen, are also rich in salicylates. (Apples also contain salicylates.)

Caution: If you are allergic to aspirin, it is advised that you do not take aspirin-like herbs.

This small (130 page) handbook is one of the best written, most inclusive books that I have read on taking responsibility for ones-self, and working in alignment with the natural world. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to align their four worlds (mental/spiritual/emotional/physical) with the natural world.

“Wells of Wisdom” can be purchased here –

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Review – Petals of the R.O.S.E.

Petals of the R.O.S.E.
Petals of Wisdom and Inspiration
From the Divine and Elementals

Author: Noreen Jameson (aka Maven o’ the R.O.S.E.)
Independently Published
ISBN #978-0-557-61292-5

I met Noreen Jameson online, and have always felt very blessed that our paths crossed. She carries great wisdom within her, and has a wonderful capacity for sharing. The wisdom that she is sharing with us in this book was revealed to her over a period of years. Many of the messages are from the Divine Mother, in her many forms (Mary, the mother of Yeshua, Isis, Kwan Yin and more). Other revelations have come from Noreen’s Angels and Guides, especially her Spirit Guide Honora (Honoria), her Spirit Guide James, Remliel, the Angel of Awakening, along with other Angels and Archangels and a few fae that wished to be heard.

Noreen has also received visions and messages from an entity that she refers to as “Divine Daughter”, who manifests herself in at least two disguises – Mary Magdalene and Lady Nada.

Messages come to Noreen during prayer, deep meditation, and at those unexpected moments when the mind is receptive.

You probably are wondering, as I did, what the monogram R.O.S.E. stood for. My wild guess (bless those wild guesses!) was that it was somehow involved with Rosicrucian teaching. It is actually much simpler – it stands for Realizing Our Spiritual Essence, and has been Noreen’s logo since 1976.

Noreen makes many important points in this work, not the least of which is that every single human being has the ability to speak with Spirit. She makes another strong point in suggesting that not all spiritual messages will resonate with everyone, and that we need to have R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – respect every spiritual path, every cultural tradition, while keeping an open mind to that which we cannot fully comprehend YET,

It was of interest to me that the messages in this book are not presented in chronological order – they were presented as Spirit directed. A portion of a message from the Divine Mother reads:

“Know that I preside wherever there is love, compassion, and mercy, and that my presence is always here in the present moment.”

Remliel is there to help us face our personal demons and illusions (and we all do have them!) that are keeping us from experiencing the Goddess’ love directly. One of his messages is:

“I am here to help you understand that you are more than a physical being. Through this understanding, you can see the difference between illusion and Light, and also physical flesh and Spirit.”

From Noreen’s Guides, Honora and James, we hear:

“Various rituals exist to remind people to connect, and to be in a state of receiving. This is your inner strength. Consider a ritual of opening and connecting to Source before sending a blessing. As you do this, you receive a blessing as well.”

From Angel Tyler, the Angel of Abundance, we hear:

“Beloved, I tell you that true abundance comes when you are doing what your heart desires. Use your talents and gifts in service to others. This is your birthright. Focus your attention on what you want to attract, on joyful, gratifying abundance, and it will flow.”

From the Archangel Zadkiel:

“Inner peace and harmony show outwardly as a result of changing and reshaping your negative thoughts and actions. You can then easily move through negative situations by mastering the power of your own consciousness. By visualizing the violet flame,. The action of forgiveness, you can use this divine transforming energy to change your world.”

I am going to include this link to Noreen’s site – to a very specific page on her site that presents a healing modality based on the Celtic Tree of Life – .

The messages conveyed in this book talk about respecting each other, communicating well, taking care of mother earth and more. We are told that the answers we seek are already here, if we open our eyes and hearts to see. We being with love, and we end with love.

This book came out in 2010. My feeling is that this may have been a bit early – that the information contained is what we really need at this time to help us assimilate the changes that we as the human race, mother earth, and all of her inhabitants, are going through.

I highly recommend this material – it will help you to learn, heal, and grow.

Noreen’s books(of which this is the first) can be found here: .

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