Review – Sibila da Antevisao (digital version)

Sibila da Antevisao –
Divino Oracula

Author: Ricardo Pereira
Artist: Ricardo Pereira
ISBN #978-85-420-0743-5

Sibila da Antevisao

I absolutely adore the cover for the digital version of the companion book to the Sibila da Antevisao! (Note: The same cover is used on the cover for the print version of the companion book.) It is done in lovely, bright colors, featuring Love Potion – 7 of Cups. In a beautiful gray tray we see a pot of lovely red flowers, followed by the love potion itself in a stoppered flask, followed by a beautiful wine glass holding the potion to be drunk. It is graceful, gracious symbolism. Loving the esoteric myself, the stoppered flask was very appealing!

Creator Ricardo Pereira is a Brazilian digital artist, researcher of Tarot history and fortune teller. He developed the Sibila da Antevisao oracular deck, as well as writing the companion book for it. He does oracular consultations, as well as teaching Tarot courses, the Petit Lenormand, Sibilla Della Zingara, and the  Sibila da Antevisao. 

 In his introduction to the 19 page companion book, Pereira talks about the urge to create the Sibila da Antevisao as coming from a need to create an objective deck, with associations that were easy to work with. The art is digital, reflecting the themes of everyday life, including cards follow the basic precepts of the Petit Lenormand, and Sibyls in general.

The cards are structured along the line of French playing cards, with the suits being Clubs, Cups, Swords and Diamonds, with each suit running from Ace to King (thirteen cards in each suit). In reading the cards, Pereira notes that reversals are acceptable. The cards can be interpreted by combination (i.e. two card spreads, three card spreads, etc.), with the student encouraged to use their own creativity, their own intuition, in performing readings. Existing spreads (i.e. The Celtic Cross, and Three Card spreads etc.)  can be used with this deck.

Each card is presented in text only, with the theme for the card, upright and reversed meanings. For example:


Seed – Ace of Clubs

 Meanings: beginning, germination, new time, novelty, something that has just been generated or produced, idea or project development, initial advance, cycle or stage of development, luck, learning, tendency to abundance, success and prosperity, health, vitality, peace

 Reversed: final, involution, failure, loss, bad luck


Love Potion – 7 of Cups

 Meanings: fantasy, enchantment, spell, illusion, mistake, interference in life and others will, unrequited passion, platonic love, self-deception, living dream

 Reversed: There is no spell. Reality. It is not the end.


Man With Dog – King of Cups

 Meanings: father, married man, paternity, male universe, home, family, provision, faithful friendship, help, groom, romanticism, seduction, influential person

 Reversed: disloyalty, infidelity, disillusion

 I very much appreciate that Pereira made the effort to translate this material into English. His stated goal is to make the material accessible to oracle fortunetellers around the world, so that it may serve as a bridge to self-knowledge. He has more than accomplished his goal!

Link to the Sibila da Antevisao deck and book review:

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Review – Art Through the Starstream Oracle

Art Through The Starstream Oracle

Author: Cheryl Yambrach Rose
Artist: Cheryl Yambrach Rose
Daghda Vision s.r.o. (publisher)
U.S. Games Systems Inc. (distributor)
ISBN #978-1-57281-795-1

Art Through the Stastream Oracle cover

“Art Through The Starstream Oracle” is a 52 card deck with accompanying 113 page guidebook, based on the theme of stars, and reconnecting with our origins in the stars. I loved the thought on the back of the box – that this oracles connects us to our origins in the Source Field where all creations, solutions, and outcomes are possibilities waiting to be intuitively chosen.

The set comes in a hard cover box with a lift-off top. The cover image for the box and the guidebook is that of “You are The Oracle”, from the “Avalon Starstream Oracle”. In the publishers forward to the guidebook, it is noted that Rose combined intuition, history, myth, and personal experience in creating this deck. The paintings come from experiences in both the inner and outer realms. Here we have a very talented artist with the ability to see into the mystical realm.

I found the manner in which Rose creates her art to be significant – she paints in oil on linen, using the eyes as a focal point, and spiraling out from that. In this way a natural vortex is created on the canvas.

The guidebook covers using the cards (beginning with clearing them), and presents a series of spreads, including a 13 card Starstream Portal Spread, a 4 card Prahna Spread, a 5 card Lemurian Dreaming Spread, a 5 card Through the Veils of Avalon Spread, and a 5 card Telos Spread. It is suggested that Rose’s sister deck, “Art Through the Eyes of the Oracle”, be used in combination with this deck for optimum possibilities. Rose also suggests that creating an Oracle circle with friends is an interesting way to use this deck.

Each card is presented with a black and white scan, the title for the painting, the year in which it was painted, an expanded meaning, and a short background on the card’s historical/mythical foundation. From he book:

“King Arthur n Nectan’s Glen

Expanded meaning: Get yourself ready for a life altering occasion. Performing rituals can be helpful for this. Purifying in sacred waters, detoxing, and going on your own pilgrimage will assist you to be in optimum condition.

St. Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall has long been venerated as a sacred site. A Nectan was an old term for a Celtic water god. From ancient times, rituals have taken place here. Various phenomena have been reported and occasionally shows up in photographs. It might be the ghost of the hermit who called himself Nectan, knights, or Fae folk. The Glen is truly a gateway to the otherworld. In this painting, Arthur has come on his white horse for the purification ritual, and a night of contemplation before the ceremony of Sacred Kingship that took place a mile away on Tintagel Island.”

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0001

The cards are 3 ½” by 6”, of sturdy card stock, with gilded edges. The card back shows a red-headed woman in contemplation in nature. In front of her we see a stream, to the right and left some type of forest animal. Behind her we see a series of waterfalls. Predominant colors are earth toned – gray and green. There is a gold border surrounding the image. The backs are not reversible.

The card faces show a gold border framing a central image. For the most part, the deck is done in darker colors, with each card somewhat of a monotone. The card title, a key thought, and the card number are at the bottom of each card.

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0006

19 “The Grail King”/Don’t Take Anything For Granted

Expanded meaning: If you are called to serve – step up to the plate. Acknowledge the gift as a borrowed energy that can be a grail of creative possibilities is used with a sense of responsibility. Otherwise, it will disappear into the mists.

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0005

23 “The Journey of Iilya”/Nothing is Absolute Change is the Only Constant

Expanded meaning: Don’t believe everything that you hear or read. As they say, nothing is carved in stone. Feeling helpless and giving in to negative outcomes will not help alter the situation.

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0004

34 “Rusalka”/Don’t be the Victim

Expanded meaning: Watch out for empty enchantment and false promises made in the heat of the moment. Love should not require sacrifice. Responsible choice can prevent tragedy.

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0003

36 “Mound of the White Horse”/Break the Negative Cycle

Expanded meaning: Enough is enough. Have the courage to break free and create a new paradigm in your life. Leave the invalidators and abusive situations behind. No more sacrifices.

Art Through the Starstream Oracle_0002

3 “Mary Magdalene the Lost Bride”/Maintain Compassion Under Pressure

Expanded meaning: Slander cannot touch your essence and is usually based on jealousy. Ignore it and transmute the negative energy through compassion.

I love this deck, and recommend it to all that want to connect with Spirit. Rose notes that this deck can be used in conjunction with her preceding deck, “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle”. However you choose to use this deck, it will expand your perception of what your life can be.

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