What Do We Need To Know Post Inauguration?

“I believe in intuition and inspirations … I sometimes feel

that I am right. I do not know that I am.” Albert Einstein

I wanted to take a look at what we need to know post-inauguration. The deck that I am using is the Oracolarium Oracle, by Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso. It is a portal to expanding our perception of the world, and what makes it tick. It is based on images, which allows us to develop our own interpretations. I was going to do a random draw, as I usually do when working with any divination system. However, I saw the card above and knew that it held my answers, even before I saw the card title (intuition).

I was impressed that in this card we see a literal “handing over” – we are connecting with our intuition, and we are able to see things in a different manner. President Biden is a proven quantity, so we are not waking up wondering what fresh hell was created overnight. We have faith in him, and in his ability to walk a path/create a path that will unify this country. We may not see the manner in which things are going to play out, but we know the direction they will play out in. We need to go with our intuition and trust that where it is taking us is the right path.

This oracle is image intensive – how we interpret the images is the foundation to understanding the response to our question. In the center of the card, we see a book being handed perhaps from our unconscious/subconscious self to our conscious self. It represents studies and learning. We need to learn from the past (the last four years specifically).

The darkness in this card represents toxic influences, things that we need to be aware of. Toxic influences in the guise of mis-information were the very foundation of the past four years (IMHO).

I love the definition of time, as represented by the clock. Aste and Kelso remind us that time is fluid – past, present,and future are something that our intuition flows through effortlessly.

The symbol for the planet tells us where we are most at home, and where we belong. While this can be a physical place, it can also refer to beliefs and ideologies. In the aftermath of the inauguration, we are still adjusting to the good feelings, the warm feelings that this administration brings with it. We have already seen that this is a working administration. In a recent press conference (where everybody is now respecting everybody) Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted that President Biden has no interest whatsoever in redoing the color scheme for Air Force One (the presidential plane), something that the previous administration wanted to address.

The Sun is a symbol of light – it shines its light into all spaces, so that nothing is hidden. Aste and Kelso note that this allows us to both confirm our beliefs, and question them.

The Cup, while beautiful, makes a very deep statement: that we need to maintain our physical and emotional well being to make best use of our intuition.

My thoughts post-inauguration is that a breath of fresh air has come through this country. We have a lot left to do, but we have a decent sense of trust in this administration to do the right thing. And I sincerely doubt that anyone will be fired over Twitter! In fact, after four years of skullduggery, I am now feeling comfortable enough to follow @POTUS on Twitter! And one of my favorite photos – the one of President Biden holding his grandson Beau Biden. And there are two First Dogs coming into the White House too! These are exciting times!

More on the Oracularium Oracle can be seen here: https://www.oracolarium.com/.

(c) January 2021 Bonnie Cehovet

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