The Business of Healing

Healing Hands

Many of us are entrepreneurs – establishing ourselves on our path, working hard to make sure that all facets of our life are in alignment … building businesses that mean something, that benefit ourselves, the individuals that we work with, and our communities.

Do you feel that you are moving forward with your life? Do you feel that you are using your skills and abilities to best advantage? If not, what is holding you back?

It may well be that there is something that you need to heal, some bond that you need to break, some issue that you need to reconcile.

I would like to introduce you to an energy healer friend of mine. Her name is Pip Miller. This is her website, as well as her blog – . Here you can meet Pip, and see what she is all about. From her website:

4 Simple Truths:

All the reading I’ve done boils down to 4 simple truths that are going to be my guide posts along this quest:

1: Always be kind.

2: It’s only personal if you let it be.

3: Accentuate the positive, no matter how tiny.

4: Count your blessings and give thanks every day.  

What does Pip do? She is a healer …an energy healer. She heals with her hands … in person, and at a distance. To be specific, she is a Healing Light ™ practitioner. One of her abilities is to help unblock energetic and emotional blocks, allowing her clients to find clarity, and move forward in their lives. She works with emotional, energetic, and physical issues.

I have first-hand experience with Pip’s ability to heal. You can read about my experience here – , and here – .

If you feel that the healing that Pip offers is what you need, please contact her. If you have any questions, please contact her. If this would be helpful for a friend, please pass this information on to them … or offer them a gift certificate!

Pip is putting all of her efforts into her healing business at this time. I would like to see her connect with individuals that need her help, and that will benefit from it.

Thank you in advance to all of you that pass on the link to this blog, and/or the link to Pip’s site and blog

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Healing Hands – Continued

In my last blog I talked about a healing session that I had with Pip Miller – Just to refresh your minds, Pip is an energy healer, and has just put together a new, in-depth healing session These are the areas that this specific session (entitled DARE TO LIVE THE POSSIBILITIES!™) offers (from Pip’s blog):

“This session consists of unblocking energies in 5 crucial areas of our lives: our sense of self, our sexuality and creativity, our sense of personal power and choice, loving ourselves unconditionally, and speaking our truths.”

I noted that the healing for me actually began the night before. I think that, in part, this was because my first thought was that I needed to remain open. So I consciously opened myself up. I woke up t he next morning (the morning of the actual healing) feeling great!

The part of the healing that I noticed the most was when Pip was sending energy to my back and chakra system. The energy just swirled around there! This was a reminder to me that I am a Reiki healer, and I know how to do chakra balancing, and I know that I am shooting myself in the foot and blocking what I wish to achieve. I have what may be termed a “fear of success”. I am making the time to do healing work on myself!

Wait … Bonnie … Didn’t you just have an incredible healing session? Yes, I did. The specific intent was to unblock energy that was blocked. And it worked! If I continue to live my life as before … the blocks will come back. I need to run with the healing that I am experiencing, and set down a solid new foundation for my future. I need to listen to my shadow self/selves, acknowledge them, show them love, and incorporate them into my being.

Yes, healing will invariably release our shadows.If we don’t acknowledge our shadows, we can get healings every day, and they won’t help a bit! Well, they will help, but minimally, and certainly not long term. I want to make some big changes in my life, so I want my healing to “stick”!

The shadows that I hear right now are telling me that the healing is not all that I think it is. That my joints (in particular, my hands) are feeling better because it has been raining, so I haven’t been able to do yard work. I listened, and I let my shadow know that the rain will eventually stop, and then I will be working in the yard again, and we will see how my hands do. Well, my shadow smirked at that, and reminded me that I had been using my parafin bath on my hands, so how did I know that things isn’t what was really helping? I pointed out the supplements on my counter, and explained that everything worked together – the parafin bath, the supplements, exercise, green tea, diluted cranberry juice … they were all working together to keep me healthy.

My shadows are quiet for now, but they will be back. i have peace now, and will show them no anger. In time,I will be the person that I know that I can be. the five areas that Pip addresses in this healing are important to all of us. it is up to us to receive the healing in the best manner possible, incorporate it into our life, and see what the next step is. if we are moving and growing, there will always be a next step! 🙂

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