Healing Touch

The New Moon in Gemini, and the accompanying Solar Eclipse, became a true day of grace for me! This past weekend I have been working with Lisa Hunt’s new deck, the “Ghosts & Spirits Tarot”. It was and is a tremendous gift for me, allowing me to work on aspects of myself that need all the help they can get!

On Sunday, the Day of the New Moon, I came across a friend’s page on Linked In – a new page, from an individual that I admire tremendously. I wasn’t sure at all that it would be accepted, but I put in my request to be placed on this individual’s contact list. Less than an hour later I was accepted! I cannot explain how good that made me feel! I was floating several feet off the floor (and still am, somewhat – I feel that this was a gift from Spirit!).

My day was not over yet! A friend that I made when I joined Google + asked me if I would like to experience an energetic healing (a 90 minute energetic healing!), in return for my blogging about it. She did not have to ask me twice – I almost tripped over my feet sending her back my reply! Many of you may know her – she just developed a new, in depth healing session, and is just week beginning to offer it on her blog. My friend’s name is Pip, and this is her blog – http://pipmiller.wordpress.com/.

Of course, I was so excited that I asked all kinds of silly questions – like “Is this going to be over the phone, or by Skype?” response – “Ummm Maybe I wasn’t clear. I am an energetic healer. The healing comes from my hands. We don’t have to speak.” I apologize, as I really did know this – I had just forgotten! I did what I should have done in the first place – visited her blog! 😉

Okay, Bonnie is ready for her healing session. We agree on a time – and are both fairly excited about what might happen during the session! The healing session was set for 10 am Mountain Time. My healing actually began the night before. I became much calmer, knowing deep inside me that this healing was going to facilitate some deep changes that I had already put in place, but had come to recognize that I was holding myself back from achieving.

When I woke up this am I was still very, very calm. I was also not hurting as much as I usually do (effects of arthritis). I was looking forward to my healing session with intense excitement. I had asked Pip what I needed to do, and she told me all that I needed to do was allow the healing, and to do, or not do, any activity that would allow me to pay attention to what was going on within my body.

I chose to continue to go through my e-mails … keeping part of my attention on how I felt. My sense of calm continued, as did my faith that this was meant for me, and that this healing would move me forward in ways that I would appreciate in times ahead.

I could feel the healing energy moving around my body, stopping here and there. I especially felt it when it was moving up the chakra system on my back. It was moving with a purpose, slowly and carefully.

I know that the healing that began during today’s session will continue to work its magic for some time to come. Healing comes from the inside out, and I will need time to become used to the higher vibrational level that I have achieved. I will share whatever happens either in another blog (or series of blogs), or on Face Book.

An interesting thing happened during this session. As readers, we know that the readings are for us as much as they are for our clients. As a Reiki healer, I know that I am healed each time I send Reiki energy to someone else. What happened with Pip is that it came to her during the session that she needed to make a fairly large tweak to her healing session – not in how she was doing the healing, but in how she was going to market it. What a blessing!

I have included the promotional material from Pip’s blog below. Note the five areas that she is focusing on for this session: our sense of self, our sexuality and creativity, our sense of personal power and choice, loving ourselves unconditionally, and speaking our truths. From what I see in myself, in my own clients, and what I hear from my friends on the Internet, we are undergoing a celestial time of great significance. As a human rare, we are undergoing a great transformation. The choices we make right now, at this moment, will set the foundation for how we as individuals accept this change and adjust to it.

I saw (and felt) immediate changes before, during and after my healing. This is something that I needed to do for myself. The fee is worth it! What price do you put on yourself?


Dare To Live The Possibilities!

Most of us gave away our power to be our true selves, whether consciously or not, long ago…many of us did so when we were young and society began telling us that “this is right, this is wrong”. We’ve grown up with rules about our behavior, our attire, our sexual preferences…pretty much every aspect of our lives, and we’ve buried who we really are deep down inside, shutting the doors to those feelings and trying to forget they exist.

Well, as Jennifer Posada writes in a post about the May/June eclipses:

“These eclipses, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, are imbued with the energy of the recent “super” full moon (full moon closest to the earth in its orbit in over a year) at Lunar Beltaine. These potent transformational eclipse energies will hit us right at the sensual, the earthy and earthly, the sexual. There is a world transformation occurring here, as we open our hearts we will also finally return to the sexual in a whole and powerful way, which is crucially needed for our passage into the new world.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere the energies of Samhain will imbue these eclipses with a thinning of the veils leading to revelatory insights. There will be some transference of each of these qualities to the other hemisphere as well, so to some degree we will all feel both aspects of the gateway that preceded these eclipses in both parts of the world.” ( © 2012 Jennifer Posada. All rights reserved. http://www.jenniferposada.com ) ~italics are mine~

For women especially, we have had to hide our true feminine powers and sexuality, or alternately, had it splashed all over the place and judged in negative ways. We are expected to be the quiet little woman during the day, and the temptress at night…neither of which is our true nature. We are a mix of so many things, and we have forgotten that. We spend so much time in our heads, letting thoughts, both ours and others’, dictate our lives, and we aren’t actually living IN our bodies, our strength, or our hearts. Most men aren’t, either.

Are you interested in those doors flinging open and feeling

The joys of of new possibilities? Do you dare?

Yes? Wonderful, because I can help with that!

I help shift the improbable into the possible.

This session consists of unblocking energies in 5 crucial areas of our lives: our sense of self, our sexuality and creativity, our sense of personal power and choice, loving ourselves unconditionally, and speaking our truths.

It’s time for all humans to dare to live the possibilities!

We are glorious beings, and we are not here to hide in corners, judging and being judged, while also doubting ourselves and our feelings; no, we are here to shine in all our truth and personal power!

You have the choice of a one hour session for $120,

or a deeper, 90-minute session for $150.

Each person has a different experience when energies are unblocked; you may simply feel free, joyous and alive, or you could feel emotions come to the forefront to be felt and released, opening you to a emotional cleansing on many levels. You could cry or sleep. Some have a sudden insight into where exactly they want their life to go and who they want to be, or you could have dreams leading you to experiences you never knew you wanted…it’s all up to your soul and the Divine to free you in the best way for you. I am simply the joyous catalyst for this shift.

If you are ready for a change, purchase a session with PayPal

and then we will set up an appointment to let the real you shine!

Disclaimer: Healing-light is a natural method of energy clearing and balancing and may be used as part of an integrative healing or wellness program. While it can be used entirely on its own, it is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment, whether it be acute or chronic, that you may be suffering from or suspect that you may have.

© May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet