Taurus Full Moon

The November, 2011 Full Moon occurs on Thursday the 10th, in the sign of Taurus. (How very auspicious – my sister and I are headed up to Canada for a seminar on that day!) There is another reason that this Full Moon is auspicious – on Friday, November 11th, we experience the much ballyhooed 11/11/11. (November 11th, 2011) You can read my thoughts on 11/11/11 here – https://bonniecehovet.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/111111/ .

Hmmm What does a Full Moon in Taurus bring us? This is a time to remember that not all things are as they seem. We need to develop an appreciation for who we are, for our “authentic self”. If we are not reflecting our authentic self in our day to day life, then we need to take a look at that. One way to ground and center is through how we express our spirituality.

Along with the Full Moon in Taurus, we have the Sun in the sign of Scorpio. Here we see the extremes in emotions (including that little Scorpio stinger!), along with a sense of depth and intimacy. This is a time when we want to get to the truth of things, to “out” all things secret. BTW – Scorpio has a strong will to go along with their (mostly quiet) intensity! All things superficial are out! Scorpio energy can be healing and transformative if positively aspected. If negatively aspected – watch out! Jealousy reigns supreme!

Put together, Taurus brings us patience, while Scorpio gifts us with an astute sense of timing. It will be easy at this time to create calm within the chaos, and to ground and center yourself. This carries importance, as the Taurus Moon/Scorpio Sun can bring with it an internal power struggle, especially relating to material things. Dealing with current or old relationships may be called for, but this is not a good time to begin a new relationship.

Things we may want to look at on this Full Moon:

1. What am I not seeing in my life?
2. How do I feel about power? Do I use it wisely?
3. What am I basing my goals on? Do I need to re-evaluate, release the things that no longer serve me well, and reset my goals?
4. Is trying to achieve my goals costing me more than it is worth?
5. What do I need to take the time to reflect on this Full Moon?

© November 2011 Bonnie Cehovet