Full Moon In Leo


This full moon is in the very last degrees of Leo, indicating that we are finishing up lessons connected with this sign. Time to get all of our ducks in a row, as we are coming to a completion in some area of our life. We are going to be seeing ourselves in a different light … expressing ideas that are basically new to us, about projects that are new to us. Creative ventures that started with the last new moon are going to move quickly now.

Anything that transforms us will take precedence at this time, whether it is a book, a class, a speaker, a new way of doing something … whatever moves us out of ourselves and into a new space will come in full force right now. Two things come to mind for me – on a global level, the radically changing political landscape in Egypt, and on a personal level, I just received an e-mail about new software that is going to allow me to present classes over the Internet with handouts, discussions, the ability for participants to take notes – the whole nine yards!

Our core beliefs are going to come into the light. We will be looking at things like our ability to live an authentic life, our ability to take risks, to follow our passions, our ability to have the confidence to shape our own lives.

Things to watch out for: tempers flaring, leading to some very heated discussions!

I drew a card from the “Shadowscapes Tarot” for this full moon: the Queen of Pentacles. We need to nurture and care for ourselves and our environment, for projects that are coming in, and for building financial security.

Image from the “Shadowscapes Tarot”, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, Llewellyn Publications, 2010.

© February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

Be My Valentine

Today is Valentine’s Day. Rather than doing a reading on personal relationship, I decided to do one on my relationship to a project that I just began, outside of the Tarot field.  My question was: “What do I need to do to make this work successful?” I did a three card reading, with undefined positions … I simply let the story unfold.

The Nine of Cups shows flow and movement – In the LWB, Law notes that fish are associated with health, prosperity and good fortune. There is also a highly emotional charge to this card, as there was to my taking on this project. In a word – it made me happy! And … it came to me, I did not seek it out.

At the very beginning of this project, when I was experiencing my highest joy, I also experienced my deepest sorrow. It literally hurt my heart. I allowed that hurt to be a learning experience. made a couple of decisions based on it,and moved on.

The Queen of Cups is all about creativity, as is the project that I am working on. I need to follow my intuition, and my heart. I have followed my passion, now I need to follow my intuitive instincts and allow myself to soar!

Images from the “Shadowscapes Tarot”, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, Llewellyn Publications, 2010.

(c) February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet


Elemental Spread

I thought that it might be interesting to present a very basic Tarot spread – the Elemental Spread – using a deck that is giving me great joy … the “Shadowscapes Tarot” (Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Barbara Moore).

Template (from “Tarot 101” by Kim Huggens):


“““““““““““““““““““““““““4 5 2


Position Definitions:

1. Physical World – Five of Pentacles
2. Intellectual World – Queen of Swords
3. Spiritual World – The Magician
4. Emotional World – The Sun
5. Central Issue – Nine of Pentacles

In the everyday world of health, home, finances and “safe place”, the Seeker has hit rock bottom. They are living in a (self-imposed) world of insecurity, of material and spiritual poverty. The key for the Seeker is to acknowledge their disconnect from the world around them (and from themselves). Looking beyond the edges of their limited sight will show them a much brighter picture.

What better place for this Queen to show up! I love her energy! She cuts to the quick of the falseness around her, so that what she sees is truth. The Seeker here is gifted with clear sight, as well as compassion. From the LWB – “Discard the past, leave the cocooning shells, and delve deep within to seek the true face to wear and show the world.”

What better place for the Magician to show up! The Seeker is on a roll here! The one who has the skill and wisdom to manifest in the position of spirit and energy! The Queen of Swords gifts the Seeker with clarity, which the Magician is then able to use to manifest his goals and desires. It is interesting to note that the Queen of Swords gifts the Seeker with clarity, which gives them self-confidence, with the Magician coming in with his own sense of confidence.

What better place for the Sun to show up! LOL The roll that the Seeker is on continues, Obi One Kenobi! Our emotional world is one that is hard to inhabit –there seem to be no rules of conduct, and we are often left to our own devices. We do have choice here – which is sometimes hard to remember when things are not going well. The Seeker here is gifted with warmth and positive energy. They can choose to take the warmth of the Sun into their emotional lives, and let it shine.

The central issue in the Seeker’s life at this time is their ability to connect with the physical world. What we see int his card is a female figure, seated on a shell, playing a piano. The piano is “rooted”, in that it is par of the tree growing behind it. The Seeker is expressing their passion in life, though their understanding of life. Here we see a balance of the spiritual and material worlds – something that is integral fo rthe growth of the Seeker at this time. Here the Seeker needs to recognize and show appreciation fo rthe abundance surrounding them.

All in all, this Seeker is balanced and doing well. The area of life that they need to bring into balance is that of the physical world. If they use the gifts from their other worlds, they will be able to maintain balance in all worlds. This is something that we all need to be aware of at all times – maintaining balance is a constant state of acknowledgment and fine tuning.

© June 2010 Bonnie Cehovet