Review – Sibila da Antevisao (digital version)

Sibila da Antevisao –
Divino Oracula

Author: Ricardo Pereira
Artist: Ricardo Pereira
ISBN #978-85-420-0743-5

Sibila da Antevisao

I absolutely adore the cover for the digital version of the companion book to the Sibila da Antevisao! (Note: The same cover is used on the cover for the print version of the companion book.) It is done in lovely, bright colors, featuring Love Potion – 7 of Cups. In a beautiful gray tray we see a pot of lovely red flowers, followed by the love potion itself in a stoppered flask, followed by a beautiful wine glass holding the potion to be drunk. It is graceful, gracious symbolism. Loving the esoteric myself, the stoppered flask was very appealing!

Creator Ricardo Pereira is a Brazilian digital artist, researcher of Tarot history and fortune teller. He developed the Sibila da Antevisao oracular deck, as well as writing the companion book for it. He does oracular consultations, as well as teaching Tarot courses, the Petit Lenormand, Sibilla Della Zingara, and the  Sibila da Antevisao. 

 In his introduction to the 19 page companion book, Pereira talks about the urge to create the Sibila da Antevisao as coming from a need to create an objective deck, with associations that were easy to work with. The art is digital, reflecting the themes of everyday life, including cards follow the basic precepts of the Petit Lenormand, and Sibyls in general.

The cards are structured along the line of French playing cards, with the suits being Clubs, Cups, Swords and Diamonds, with each suit running from Ace to King (thirteen cards in each suit). In reading the cards, Pereira notes that reversals are acceptable. The cards can be interpreted by combination (i.e. two card spreads, three card spreads, etc.), with the student encouraged to use their own creativity, their own intuition, in performing readings. Existing spreads (i.e. The Celtic Cross, and Three Card spreads etc.)  can be used with this deck.

Each card is presented in text only, with the theme for the card, upright and reversed meanings. For example:


Seed – Ace of Clubs

 Meanings: beginning, germination, new time, novelty, something that has just been generated or produced, idea or project development, initial advance, cycle or stage of development, luck, learning, tendency to abundance, success and prosperity, health, vitality, peace

 Reversed: final, involution, failure, loss, bad luck


Love Potion – 7 of Cups

 Meanings: fantasy, enchantment, spell, illusion, mistake, interference in life and others will, unrequited passion, platonic love, self-deception, living dream

 Reversed: There is no spell. Reality. It is not the end.


Man With Dog – King of Cups

 Meanings: father, married man, paternity, male universe, home, family, provision, faithful friendship, help, groom, romanticism, seduction, influential person

 Reversed: disloyalty, infidelity, disillusion

 I very much appreciate that Pereira made the effort to translate this material into English. His stated goal is to make the material accessible to oracle fortunetellers around the world, so that it may serve as a bridge to self-knowledge. He has more than accomplished his goal!

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