Bill Curtis (Fatback Band)

The following newsletter crossed my path yesterday. I am sharing it with permission of Mr. Bill Curtis (The Fatback Band). Much to think about here … including why I have always felt uneasy about Spotify!

Thank you, Bill!

“Summertime is girl-watching time. I’m gonna watch ’em, baby. I haven’t lost my eyes for them big-butt girls. I like the girls, y’all.” A little tune we did back in the days is still a great dance song. Go to, that is where you will find all of our albums, if anyone is interested.

Hey I want to remind you not to add Spotify play Buttons to your Facebook page, Twitter, tumbir blog, etc. I ‘m not a lover of Spotify, because it doesn’t pay the artist that much money. If you are an artist it takes 200 streams equal one iTunes download and one to three years to get paid. To me, Spotify is just another great way to get rich off of the artist and songwriters. I have nothing against people making as much money as they can, but not at the expense of others. But, they keep telling you it’s better than piracy, you’re getting something, 0.04cent per stream. Well, you are right, but you can’t make a livelihood off that. My question is why everyone gets paid decent money except the creator and the artist. Tech-slavery is what I call it.

But one good thing, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want too. Putting Spotify play buttons on your page is giving free advertisement to Spotify and Facebook. Once you get a fan to your page, you have a potential sale. Someone might just buy your stuff. If you want to send them somewhere else, send them where they pay more. To your download site: iTunes, Tunecore, Amazon. Spotify pays a fraction of a penny. I could see if they were paying you to put their button on or giving you something for pointing a potential customer their way. We have got to get smart and stop falling for that Bull s—. You know how they feel about us.

I haven’t heard of any major yet stepping up to the plate to bat for the artist or express any concern that they feel our rates are to low. On their end, they are getting paid big time and keeping it on the down-low. Hey, I’m not saying you don’t need Facebook page, apps, Twitter accounts and blogs. However, you do not need to point your fans to places only paying a fractions of a penny. Your own site is very valuable property where you sell and do business. You have your fans in your store who dig your music and want to know about you. Okay they say Spotify is better than piracy, well it might be so, I’m gonna tell you this. Piracy is one of the best free advertisements you can get in the world, one thing they don’t piracy junk.

I hear and read about the state of Black music culture or Black Music, whatever. Maybe they are talking about the commercial side. Yes, I do think Black music(funk), is on the decline on the so call ”pop or commercial music. The funk it is alive and well in the Churches. If you want to hear good funk go to church or listen to gospel radio, its there. That’s where our music culture started. Black music has always been an experience, just like the church. When we go to concerts that’s what we looking for that one time experience. Something we can talk about the next few days. tell your friends what they missed that’s what made the early Black Entertainer connect so well. They took their church experiences to the stage and build on that. I often tell people there was a very thin line between James Brown and a country preacher.

Some of our new and upcoming Entertainers need to go and check out that experience that I’m talking about( got to find the right church). I guarantee you will be talking about it to your friends the next day. This is what today’s audiences are looking for, that experience. They want to be involved. Back in the days in my Hometown when I was growing up I knew most of the acts that came to town I had met them before and they knew me, (they act like they did). They stayed in the hood, ate in the local café and you could walk up and talk to them. And when they took a break, they were out in the audience, (maybe because there were no dressing rooms), talking and going on. As a Entertainer you got to get back to that kind of thing. The people want to know about you. YOU want them to, so they can go and tell others. Everyone wants to be involved they want to have that one time experience.

Ok, if you don’t believe me go to Church and get your groove on, come back and tell me about your experience.

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(c) May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet