Tarot Birth Card Pairs: Star/Strength

Over the next year I am going to be writing about Tarot Birth Cards, what they mean and how we can work with them. I use the system of Tarot Birth Cards developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School (www.tarotschool.com). Using the Seeker’s birth data (month, day and year), pairs of birth cards are defined. (For more information, and to calculate your own Birth Cards, go to http://tarotschool.com/Calculator.html.)

Please note: I have a book being published by Schiffer Books in fall of 2011 – “Tarot, Birth Cards and You: Keys To Empowerment” (http://www.schifferbooks.com/newschiffer/book_template.php?isbn=9780764339028), incorporating images from Karyn Easton’s “Tarot Lovers Tarot”. This was to have been a joint project (book and deck published together), but the decision was made to publish both separately, which I find very exciting! Karyn has a Birth Card calculator up on her site, where you can also view her incredible deck (it really is!) –http://paranormality.com/tarot-birth-card-calculator.shtml.

A special thanks to Leisa ReFalo http://www.tarotconnection.net, who developed the Birth Card Calculator, and graciously gave us permission to use it.

Our eighth pair of Birth Cards are the  Star (Key 17) and the Strength (Key 8). Some of the associations for these cards are:

The Star:

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Keywords:  Hope, inspiration, truth, renewal, cleansing, balance, freedom, peace, honesty, public recognition, inflated view of self, need for status, disillusionment, self-deception, feeling scattered.


Astrological Sign:  Leo

Keywords:  Love, will to succeed, calmness in the face if intense emotions, reconciliation of opposites, courage, integration of energies, fearing ones emotions, being too bold, feeling overwhelmed.

The theme for this lifetime is the ability to control our passions, and our connection to Spirit, which brings us hope/

We can choose to do personal work with our own Birth Cards, we can use Birth Cards in conjunction with a reading for a client (place their birth cards, drawn from a deck other than the one you are reading with, above the spread(s) laid out for them). The spread(s) are then read through the lens of perception of the Seeker’s Birth Cards. As added value, a reader could give their client scans of their Birth Cards, along with a short write-up about them. Readers can also use the Birth Card system to better understand other people in their own lives (family, co-workers, friends etc.).

The key to bringing balance to any lifetime is that of understanding how and where your Birth Cards are operating in your life. The Star and Strength represent the two aspects of the gateway into a 17/8 lifetime. The Star is ruled by Aquarius, placing focus on looking within, trusting what is there, and allowing ourselves to hope. Of importance here also is the ability to question things on an intellectual level, and to communicate well.

Strength is ruled by Leo, placing the focus on creativity and pleasure. Strength can tend to be dominant, because of its own needs. Here we find our passion for life.

The Star and Strength set the tone for this lifetime. The path that the individual walks is one that addresses how an individual becomes self-sufficient, and through that core accesses their ability to manifest creatively in the world. It also speaks of accessing our inner resources to overcome our personal demons. The Star references the ability of an individual to look within, and trust what they find there. Here is where we access empowering, innovative new ideas and mystical, spiritual visions.

Strength references inner, spiritual strength, as opposed to brute force. We come to understand and make peace with our shadow sides through walking with Strength. Here is where we develop courage and determination – the qualities that we need to overcome temptation.

A 17/8 (Star/Strength) individual empowers themselves by aligning with the archetypal energy of hope, and choosing to look at life in a positive manner. This is a time of spiritual regeneration.  They will also align themselves with the archetypal energy of love and compassion to gain control over their emotions.

The Star and Strength work together to help us balance the power structure within us. The Star acts as a form of spiritual regeneration. This is all about hope for the future, hope that we can surmount our challenges, and defining our own beliefs and goals. There is a sense of renewal and honesty here – a gentleness of spirit, if you will.

Strength refers to inner strength – strength of spirit, as opposed to brute physical strength. Here we have the will to succeed, to overcome challenges and to live the best life that we can. Strength harnesses the energy around them to achieve their goals.

Images from the “Tarot Lovers Tarot”, Karyn Easton, 2008, paranormality.com.

© August 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

RIP Amy Winehouse

Despite the direction that her life was clearly headed in, I was among many people who were shocked by British singer Amy Winehouse’s death. Why did this have to happen? To get a bit of background, I calculated Amy’s Birth Cards, using the birth date of September 14th, 1983, as posted in Wikipedia. I know – Wiki is not the be all, end all of factual information, but the date was confirmed in other websites. Her Birth Cards are the Star and Strength. (I used the Birth Card Calculator on www.paranormality.com to calculate the cards.)

Birth Cards (using the system developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School) work in pairs, and act as a gateway into a given lifetime, defining the theme for that lifetime. With Star/Strength, I would define this lifetime as the ability to control our passions, and our connection to Spirit, which brings us hope. The Star talks about hope, and about moving away from negative influences. It brings with it freedom and inner peace, along with public recognition. As all cards have 360 degrees of interpretation, we also need to remember that the Star, which we generally think of as being positive, also carries the energy of disillusionment, self-deception and scattered energies.

Strength talks about self-control, the will to succeed, reconciling opposites, and having courage, but it also carries the energy of fearing ones emotions, and feeling overwhelmed.

The energy of Birth Cards functions in several ways: (1) it can function well, (2) it can function poorly, (3) it can be blocked, or (4) it can be latent (as in not yet recognised by the Seeker). When we look at Amy Winehouse, it is fairly clear that in this lifetime the energy of her Birth Cards was trending towards functioning poorly. She had the public recognition, but was somewhat overwhelmed by it. She may have been disillusioned, and was definitely scattered. She had enormous talent, so I would not say that she ever deceived herself. She had courage, but no self-control. In the end, she was not able to overcome these things.

I asked a couple of questions of the ISIS Tarot de Marseille:

Who was Amy Winehouse? –  Reyne de Deniers (Queen of Disks)

The lady definitely was the Queen of Disks! I see this in myself, and yes, I see this in her. There is power in this person, and a sense of being able to take on the world around them. Amy was not afraid to take on the world, even when it overwhelmed her! Was she a well aspected Queen? No, she wasn’t. She was able to create financial and material security around herself, but she does not seem to have been comfortable with it. She could not keep herself healthy, and was very moody and self-indulgent. The potential was there, but never realised.
What does her death mean for us as individuals? – Six de Baton (Six of Wands)

Through her music, Amy had the ability to transform lives. We are being asked to look at ourselves, and see how we can best use our talents and abilities.

What can we learn from her death? – Ace de Coupe  (Ace of Cups)

we canlearn to love ourselves. To not be afraid of love, in all of its myriad forms.

(c) July 2011 Bonnie Cehovet