Review: Surfing The Quantum Field – A Human Perspective

Surfing The Quantum Field –

A Human Perspective

Author: Andrew Keith

Editor: C.J. Anaya

Kindle Books


ISBN #979-8576678396

The first thing that you want to remember when reading this book is that Andrew Keith is a psychic medium. Why is this important? Because this book is all about Keith’s personal perspective on the quantum field. Through his eyes we view the quantum field through varying lenses, such as energy healing, meditation, what he terms Divine flow, the concept of past lives, cell memory trauma, and healing on differing levels. The objective is to give the student a better understanding of how the physical and quantum worlds work together to form our human experience.

Throughout the book Keith shares personal anecdotes on how he navigates the quantum field as a psychic medium. Through his stories the quantum field is brought to life for the reader in order to help them to understand some of their own experiences.

What exactly is quantum physics? Keith explains it as a concept that physicists came up with in the 1940’s called a limitless world theory, meaning limitless dimensions, a limitless number of worlds, and a limitless number of universes that we do not (yet) know how to access.

In his introduction Keith talks about his personal belief that we are Spirit appearing in human form. He also holds the belief that our souls can be in multiple places at the same time. He equates the dream state as surfing the quantum field. How many of us feel “out of body” in dreamtime? I know that I do. How many of us have been jerked back into a waking state when we encountered something in dreamtime that we could not handle? I know that I have. Those of us that follow Eckhart Tolle know the emphasis he places on being “in the present”. Keith states that it is ultimately necessary to be “in the present” to be able to slip into the quantum field. One example given is imaginary playmates – beings that are strictly experienced in spiritual form.

An aspect of this book that I find interesting is that the book itself was not intended by the author. He was “encouraged” to share his wisdom over the past ten years by guidance from God and his Soul. They would not let up until he wrote the book. I for one am happy that they pushed!

In Part I – My Story, Keith talks about who he is, and what he does. His life reflects a mix of many diverse teachings from psychics, mediums, and masters, with more than a bit of humor thrown in. Literally, his words are “What you see is what you get.” As with all of us, he is a product of his heritage. Through story, Keith suggests that we are all healers, in our own way.

In Part II – How Spirit Speaks To Me, Keith addresses concepts such as connecting with our guides, working with the highest love, and trusting spirit. There are also some very wise words on managing energy, and the feeling of being an “outsider”. We also see up close and personal how spirit healed a very serious medical issues faced by Keith.

In Part III – Lessons Spirit Has Taught Me, Keith addresses concepts such as soul plans, and how we write (and are responsible for) our own soul plan. Through his own life experiences, we see how we as individuals can choose to have differing perspectives on issues that we face, and how those perspectives guide our path. Keith also suggests that we choose our own names before we come into this lifetime. I will have to look into that further, as I truly have never liked my first or middle name at all. For no special reason – I just have never liked them.


In Part IV – How To Manage Your Personal Energy, Keith starts out with the concept that everything is energy. It is up to us to manage our external energy (our auric field) and our internal energy. Keith’s advise is to listen to your gut (your intuition, your initial response) on whether something you are encountering is good or bad. If it feels good, it is good. If it feels bad, it is bad. Keith also recommends that we start out each day with a daily spiritual routine. I find this not only to be recommended, but to be necessary to start my day out on a good note. I also agree with his recommendation that some form of meditation be included in the daily spiritual routine. For those that wish to work with manifestation, Keith has some excellent suggestions on how to go about doing this.

From the book:

“One of the most important things I’ve learned is that to achieve spiritual growth, for healing work, and for living life is integrity. Integrity is the foundation of love, for ourselves and others. To be honest with ourselves first and others, as well. This helps us let go of control and live in more peace and harmony.”

In Part V – How To Manage Spirit Energy, Keith discuses ten specific ways to allow spirit to flow through you. A huge bonus, IMHO, is his discussion on clearing homes of spirit energy and closing spirit portals.

In Part VI – Spirit On Steroids And Sedona, Keith addresses a specific time that he spent in Sedona, and how things came together to make this happen. He also discusses the nature of Sedona, and the effect that it can have on people. This chapter is really all about turning things over to God – it is impressive!

In Part VII – Surf Into The Flow, Keith talks about the consciousness of the world shifting, and that we need to go with the flow. Old belief systems are being released, and we are becoming open to new ones coming in. When we are in the flow we are not alone, we are at one with all that is. We are in the flow when we can accept that we do not control the flow.

From the book:


I am very happy that Keith was encouraged by God and his Soul to write this book. Through sharing his own story, he can help others make sense of the metaphysical world, and their part in it. He references energy masters, therapists, and different healing and reading modalities throughout the book. It is as if you are sitting in your living room, your favorite beverage at your side, speaking with a good friend. Whether you are a healer or reader working with others, or you want to work on yourself, this is the book for you.

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