Tarot Learning Cards

Tarot Learning Cards ®
Self Study Flash Cards

Author: Jadzia DeForest, Jay GreenMan DeForest
Living Magick Publishing Company
ISBN #978-0-9828844-0-9

How many of wish that we had had some type of help when we were learning to read the Tarot? Now there are Internet sites devoted to the Tarot, Internet classes, local, in-person classes, and a ton of books. But where can one find basic information, in one place, readily accessible, at nominal cost, that will allow one to work at ones own pace? Jadzia and Jay DeForest have developed just such a program – learning the Tarot through the use of flash cards. Remember “way back when”, with your mother holding the multiplication flash cards in front of you? It worked then, and it works now!

The “Tarot Learning Cards” are a set of 78 cards that teach the basics of Tarot. On the front of each card is the card number (in Roman numerals) and name (for the Major Arcana); suit symbol, number and name (for the Minor Arcana Pips – numbered cards), and suit symbol, title and suit (for the Court Cards). On the back of each card

On the back of the card for the Major Arcana is the individual card theme, astrological association, Major Arcana theme, and upright and reversed keywords. For the Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards), the back side shows the individual card theme, keywords ofr the suit, keywords for the card number, and upright and reversed keywords. For the Court Cards, the back side shows the theme for the card title, the suit theme, the elemental association (and associated signs), along with upright and reversed keywords.

For example:

The Fool (Upright)

Theme: Beginning
Astrology: Uranus
Major Arcana: Spiritual Journey
Keywords: Beginning a Journey, Spirit, Innocence, Leap of Faith, Unity, Crossroads, Choice, Folly, Foolishness, Naivete

The Fool (Rx)

Theme: Resistance
Major Arcana: Spiritual Journey
Keywords: Resisting Change, Stuck, Indecision, Making Mistakes, Fear, Carleness, Sudden Change, Reevaluation

Ace of Cups (Upright)

Theme: Inspiration
Cups: Love, Happiness, Spirituality
Aces: Beginning, Ideas, Potential
Keywords: New Relationship, Fertility, New Home, Renewal, Rekindling a Relationsip, Spiritual Insight

Ace of Cups (Rx)

Theme: Selfishness
Cups: Love, Happiness, Spirituality
Keywords: Emptiness, Depression, Self Absorbed, Unbalanced, Blocke Spiritual Growth, Infertility

King of Wands (Upright)

King: Active, Mature Masculine
Wands: Business, Family, Ambition
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Keywords: Business Man, Powerful, Courageous, Determined, Creative, Energetic, Impulsive, Willful

King of Wands (Rx)

King: Active, Mature Masculine
Wands: Business, Family, Ambition
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Keywords: Prideful, Overbearing, Arrogant, Self Centered, Harsh, Power Abuser

There are five cards that accompany this deck, and help the student to use it. The first card talks about how to sue the deck, the second card addresses the numerological associations on one side, with suit and elemental associations on the other side. The third card is a recommended reading list, while the fourth card discusses the Court Cards. The fifth card discusses reversals on one side, and Tarot terminology on the other.

The cards are approximately 3 ¾” by 5 ¼”, and are made of good quality, sturdy card stock. Both sides show a ¼” outer white border, followed by a ¼” dark brown inner border. The middle portion of each card is tan, wit the text in dark brown. The box that the cards come in is heavy duty card board (which I much appreciate!), with a lift off top. The cards are intended for use with beginners, but could be used by someone at the intermediate or advanced level as part of a teaching curriculum.

I advise purchasing the Tarot Quick Reference Sheet, and the Tarot Reversals Quick Reference Sheet to go with the cards. The cards themselves are the learning tools, while the study sheets function well as quick references for interpreting readings.

More information can be found on the site: www.livingmagick.com, as well as information on flash cards for Astrology and the Runes.

© October 2010 Bonnie Cehovet