World Tarot Day Celebrations

Quite a bit was going on yesterday to celebrate World Tarot Day! Here are some of the celebrations that I picked up: Anastasia and Rose Red speaking with David Palladini about the “Aquarian Tarot”, the “Palladini Tarot”, art, passion and life. Could one ask for more! Stephanie Arwen Lynch gave away a reading on her blog. TABI ran a quiz through their site, with the prize being a gorgeous Tarot bag donated by AniaM (the bags are very professionally done – I have two of them myself, and plan to order more!).

Several of us on Twitter offered free 140 character, one card readings. Alison Cross from TABI, Kris Waldherr, @TheTarotPriestess and I were amongst this crowd. I am sure there are more people who did this that I don’t know about. We all had a great time, and made new friends! Donnaleigh and her co-hosts partied for World Tarot Day on Byeond Worlds (blog talk radio).

I hope that you all had a great day honoring the Tarot, and that this feelng will continue on!

© May 2010 Bonnie Cehovet