Readers Studio 2011 – Spread Collection

The magic continues! I was absolutely thrilled to find in my e-mail a PDF from the illustrious Barbara Moore containing Tarot spreads that workshop participants developed during Barbara’s presentation at the 2011 Readers Studio. Awesome presentation, incredible lady – high energy, very organized, very professional … and yes, she IS a fashionista!

The first thing that impressed me was the background on the landing page – the most gorgeous red with a vine-like motif. You can see it on her site: As I went further into the document, I was impressed by the organization, and the respect for her own work, as well as the work of the workshop participants. I am sure that everyone who submitted their spreads to her appreciated the caveat at the beginning of the PDF to remember that these spreads are for private and personal use by the contributors, and that the creators of the spreads retain all rights. A gentle reminder to be considerate, and professional.

There are 70 unique spreads in this PDF – what a wonderful resource! The spreads are listed by name, with the names of the individuals that developed them, the position meanings, and a graphic of he positions. With 70 spreads, this took some time to put together! I am sure that I speak for all of us in saying Bravo! and Thank You! to Barbara for putting this all together!

I am going to randomly go through and list some of the spreads, and their creators. The lead spread was created by James Wells and Danya Smith, and is entitled “Based On The Elder Of Fire In The Gaian Tarot”. This is a five-card spread on healing the earth.

Carolyn Cushing and Geraldine Amarol developed a spread entitled “Inspired By The Gaian Tarot Six Of Water”. This is a six-card spread, with five cards drawn from the Minor Arcana and one card from the Major Arcana.

Corrine Kenner, Beth Owl’s Daughter and Joanna Powell Colbert developed a seven card spread entitled “What will we see as William and Kate’s marriage unfolds?” What a great question! Remember – the marriage ceremony was on the Friday of the Readers Studio!

Susa Black developed a five-card “General Spread”, with a sixth card used as a significator. It was suggested that the significator be read in pairs with each of the other five cards.

Phyllis Grimes, Beth Roth and Val Sherill developed a five-card spread entitled “My Unusual Gift Spread”. This is a great spread for bringing better understanding to ones gifts.

Cheryl Ryder and Susa Black developed a five-card spread entitled “General Spread To Help Achieve A Desired Outcome”. This will come in quite handy!

Stephanie developed a five-card spread inspired by the 5 of Cups entitled “Moving Forward After Disappointment”. We can all use that one at one time or another, and it is a powerful tool to use with our clients.

Kate Chapman and Anthony Louis developed a seven-card spread based on the 7 of Coins from the Marseille Tarot. A spread about why we might fail at our project or how to get the best out of a situation/project. We’ve all been there – in both instances!

Donnaleigh de la Rose and Valerie Sylvester developed a five-card spread entitled “Inspired By The Hierophant/Wounded Healer/Aries”. I would not expect less from these lovely ladies!

Jaymi Elford and Theresa Reed developed a five-card spread entitled “The Ritual Manifestation Spread” (for use anytime, or when you want to manifest desires, dreams etc.). I love ritual work, and I loved this spread!

Bev Haskins and Thalassa developed a seven-card spread entitled “A King of Swords Spread – Theme: Rigidity and Authority”. This is an incredibly empowering spread!

The last one that I am going to mention is the card spread developed by Koneta Baily and myself. It is a nine-card spread that we entitled “The Ribbon of Time”. It is based on the Knight of Coins from the Tarot of Dreams. Koneta has this one up on her blog site – Enjoy!

Many thanks to Barbara, and to all of those individuals that choose to contribute to this compilation. There is a wealth of experience and wisdom on these pages!

© June 2011 Bonnie Cehovet