Back In time, With Christine Payne-Towler

I love a good blog,  and one of my favorite Tarot people – Christine Payne-Towler – has a blog that I truly admire. On Tarot University Arkletters she gifts us with an absolute ton of in-depth information, which is nicely defined, and easily accessible. Not too long ago Christine was doing what she called a “World Servers Spread”. I thought that it would be interesting to go back to April of 2010 and see what Christine had to say.

<Que “Star Wars” music>

April, 2010: Christine is musing about how the events of the past few months have been making a difference to her focus and goals for the year 2010. Her partner Michael is going great guns on his WIP – the new, Continental style deck that will accompany her WIP – a book on the Continental Tarot. Stunning synchronicity on how their differing talents come together in a major project like this!

She talks about pattern recognition, and “wearing the hats” of the various archetypes to bring her work together. I love the thought that she expresses about studying the Mysteries from “within” the Mysteries, as opposed to being on the outside looking in. She also talks about why Tarot became the epicenter of her focus. I think this section of the article alone is worth its weight in gold! How many of us work within multiple modalities, and find ourselves having to defend this practice. A look into Christine’s life helps to give clear focus to our own lives.

Another really cool section is on how esoteric values “gravitated” onto the cards. You would swear that you were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and conversation when you read this article! Bits and pieces of things t hat you have read in books, or heard expressed in online forums, suddenly begin to come together and make a very clear picture.

I hope that I have given you enough information here to pique your interest, and head you over to Christine’s blog! Enjoy!

Read Christine’s own words here: World Tarot Servers Spread.

(c) April 2011 Bonnie Cehovet