Review – Tell Me Your Story

Tell Me Your Story –
How Therapy Works to Awaken, Heal, and Set You Free

Author: Tuya Pearl
She Writes Press
ISBN #978-1-63152-066-2

Tell Me Your Story

We all have a story – a multi-layered story that we need to tell, if only to ourselves. In “Tell Me Your Story”, Pearl, a psychotherapist, takes us into her office to experience the transformational process of her clients uncovering and owning their stories. We are allowed to view the process through the eyes of the client, as well as through the eyes of the therapist.

The therapeutic process is one that builds that connection between body, mind, and spirit, making the client whole again. The stories in this book take the reader through a therapy session from beginning to end, from the filling out of the input papers to greeting the client, to ending the session and telling the client goodbye. As Pearl moves the reader through the process, she humanizes it, bringing out the thoughts and emotions of both the therapist and the client.

We can all be caught up in our own story – the purpose of therapy is to heal us, and to set us free from the emotions that are holding us hostage. We learn to view our story from the perspective of all of the players, to see why the people in our life were who they were, and did what they did. We learn to forgive ourselves, and to forgive those that we have interacted with.

The commentary on the front cover is a story on its own, describing “Tell Me Your Story” as “A guide to overcome anxiety, depression, compulsions, addiction, fear, grief, obsessions, confusion, and self-doubt”.

We look at the origin of the dysfunctions in Pearl’s clients (and in her own life). We see where self-doubt comes in, and we see how we are impacted by our life experiences.

“Tell Me Your Story” is sprinkled with client stories, Pearl’s own story, and incisive bits of poetry written by Pearl. The reader is gifted with tips on how to deal with our emotions, such as grief needing to be grieved, how our ego keeps us locked in denial, and that to overcome addiction and get to a place of self-acceptance, we must be willing to feel, and to examine our shame. Another gift in this book is that of telling our own story. Through a series of carefully crafted questions we are led to reveal our innermost self.

This is not a book to just be read, commented on, and set up on a shelf. It is one that can be used as a resource, for ourselves and for others, whenever we need it.

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