Tarot Birth Cards – Temperance/Hierophant

Over the next year I am going to be writing about Tarot Birth Cards, what they mean and how we can work with them. I use the system of Tarot Birth Cards developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School (www.tarotschool.com). Using the Seeker’s birth data (month, day and year), pairs of birth cards are defined. (For more information, and to calculate your own Birth Cards, go to http://tarotschool.com/Calculator.html.)

Please note: I have a book being published by Schiffer Books in fall of 2011 –  “Tarot, Birth Cards and You: Keys To Empowerment”, incorporating images from Karyn Easton’s “Tarot Lovers Tarot”. This was to have been a joint project (book and deck published together), but the decision was made to publish both separately, which I find very exciting! Karyn has a Birth Card calculator up on her site, where you can also view her incredible deck (it really is!) –http://paranormality.com/tarot-birth-card-calculator.shtml.

A special thanks to Leisa ReFalo www.tarotconnection.net, who developed the Birth Card Calculator, and graciously gave us permission to use it.

Our fifth pair of Birth Cards are the Temperance (Key 14) and the Hierophant (Key 5). Some of the associations for these cards are:

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Keywords: Balance restored, reconcile opposites, restore harmony, confidence, optimism, healing, right timing, right intentions, failure to observe, out of balance, unethical behavior, conflicts, lack of cooperation, impatience, impracticality, acting without thinking of consequences.

The Hierophant:
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Keywords:  Religious customs/beliefs, personal values from culture/society, teacher, mentor, guide, learning, tradition, compassion, practical, active, impractical, unemotional, lethargic, conformity, meaningless ritual, materialism, intolerance, hostility towards established rules.

The Theme for this lifetime is that of bringing balance to life, balance between freedom and adaptability and the need for roots, security and structure within the realms of society, community and Spirit.

We can choose to do personal work with our own Birth Cards, we can use Birth Cards in conjunction with a reading for a client (place their birth cards, drawn from a deck other than the one you are reading with, above the spread(s) laid out for them). The spread(s) are then read through the lens of perception of the Seeker’s Birth Cards. As added value, a reader could give their client scans of their Birth Cards, along with a short write-up about them. Readers can also use the Birth Card system to better understand other people in their own lives (family, co-workers, friends etc.).

The key to bringing balance to any lifetime is that of understanding how and where your Birth Cards are operating in your life. Temperance, ruled by Sagittarius , places the focus on the need for freedom, a restless, philosophical nature, and the ability to adapt easily. Temperance can also exhibit a volatile temper (trial by fire).

The Hierophant, ruled by Taurus, places focus on roots, loyalty, beliefs, patience and a calm nature. Persistence and determination figure in here, as well as a need for security.

Temperance and the Hierophant set the tone for this lifetime. The path that the individual walks is one that addresses the lessons of choice and personal growth. Temperance and the Hierophant both channel Spirit. Temperance is more likely to act within a wider scope, and in a quicker manner. Temperance takes information from Spirit and implements it in its own fashion. The Hierophant takes the voice of Spirit and works in a slow but steady fashion, with the emphasis on formal structure.

A 14/5 (Temperance/Hierophant) individual empowers themselves by balancing their need for freedom (Temperance), and their need for security (the Hierophant). The adaptability of Temperance works to all the individual to find security within their freedom, and freedom within their security. The loyalty, touchstone belief system and unending patience of the Hierophant allow the individual to experience their freedom in a safe manner.

Temperance and the Hierophant work together to work with the Seeker to find the truth that is within themselves, to evolve their connection with and understanding of Spirit in their life. Temperance can act in a gentle manner, but its astrological association with Sagittarius gives it a tendency to temper, volatility, and action. Temperance has a keen eye, and is ready to become a warrior to defend against any dangers found on the path the Seeker is walking. Temperance is willing to think outside the box to achieve its goals, and tends to be concerned with the individual, as opposed to community.

The Hierophant is all about tradition, and doing things in the traditional manner. His is a rather formal nature – concerned about structure and listening to his inner voice. Ritual has its place with the Hierophant, where it does not with Temperance.

Images from the “Tarot Lovers Tarot”, Karyn Easton, 2008, paranormality.com.

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

The Mystereum Tarot – Chat With Temperance

I am taking a page from my friend Helen Howell’s book, and chatting with the Tarot. In this case, specifically with Temperance. I was kicked rather hard by the latest Mercury retrograde, and by the latest astrological configurations up there in the sky. The good thing about this time period – Aries is doing very well, so my Aries friends are having clear sailing, which I am grateful for! I am getting back on track – healing, as it were, which is why the chat with Temperance. Also, in a bit of synchronicity, Jordan Hoggard, the creative genius behind “Tarot In The Land of Mystereum” has been quite ill with food poisening, and is now on the mend. Temperance energy for Jordan too!

Temperance has agreed to chat with me. We are sitting in my living room, with glasses of iced tea in hand. I want to thank her for her time, and for her wisdom.

I often think of Temperance as the “healing angel” in the deck. The first thing I want to ask Temperance today is “How do you see yourself?”

“My goodness – the healing angel! Thank you very much, that is quite a nice thought! I have never really thought about how I might see myself. I feel that I have a job to do, and that how I do that job depends on the person or people that I am working with, and the nature of the situation. Sometimes the people, or the situation, are ready to be healed, so things can be done in a very gentle manner. However, there are occasions when the people involved, or the situation itself, is blind to the fact that healing is necessary. In that case, the “tough love” part of me comes out. You could say that I see myself as the “middle-man”, in an “As Above, So Below” kind of way.”

“What one word would best describe your world?”

“Balance – the word balance nicely describes my world. My focus, my goal, is to maintain balance in all things.”

“Balance … I like that thought! Whenever you have entered my life you have brought peace and harmony with you. For this I give unending thanks!”

“You are most welcome! I am at my best when a little harmony saves the day!”

“I know this is a strange question, but how do you get along with the Fool?”

“The Fool and I get along famously!” Temperance smiled. “Each of us Archetypes realise that we are working with the Fool within each of you when we enter your life. The Fool and I allow you to see all that you can be. Through the two of us you feel comfortable enough to not only dream your big dreams, but to act to manifest them. The manifestation of your dreams functions as a second level of healing. I help the Fool within to find balance, to act in moderation, and to feel the flow of life.”

“What final words do you have for us, Temperance?”

“I am the essence of stability. I manifest Divine light on the physical plane. I am a benevolent force, and bring about healing on all levels. I act to bring opposing energies together. I bring you the protection that you need in order to heal. I am here to travel with you at any and all times … the only hting thaty ou need to do is ask.”

Thank you, Temperance, for your wisdom, and for you patience. We are the better for y ou.

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet