Review – The Awakening Human Being

The Awakening Human Being –

A Guide to the Power of Mind

Author: Barbara Berger, with Tim Ray
O Books
ISBN #978-1-84894-835-0

The Awakening Human Being cover

“The Awakening Human Being” is a tap on the shoulder from universe to not only remain in the present, but to remain aware in the present. Her focus is on waking up the nature of mind, through the use of what she terms “Mental Laws”. I dearly love the “toolbox” of effective techniques that she offers her readers to help them live a happy, harmonious life. That in itself makes this book worth its weight in gold!

The book is divided into three parts: Part 1 – Principle (The Mental Laws/the Way the Mind Works), Part 2 – Practice (Using the Power of Mind Wisely, and Part 3 – In Your Life (Putting It All Into Practice). There is also a bonus section where Bollum talks to Barbara – a take-off on Smeagol/Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings”, where two parts of Barbara converse with each other – the part that is waking up to reality, and the part that is still confused. This is absolutely hysterical … and yes, I for one did see echoes of conversations that I have had/continue to have in my head!

In her introduction, Berger starts out by asking the question “What are you seeking?” No matter what response is given, when broken down to its essence, we are all seeking happiness. Rather, we are all seeking a way out of suffering, and a way into happiness. Where do we make our mistake? We are looking for happiness outside of ourselves, rather than through connecting with reality. That would be the reality that is, not the reality that we create with our thoughts. She goes on to talk about the nature of laws – both physical laws and mental laws. She presents a beautiful list of what laws are, which includes: “Laws are invisible principles”, “Laws are impersonal”, ”Laws are always operating”, and “Laws are scientific”. The last definition is key to this book – “Laws are scientific”. This book takes a scientific look at the mind, our conscious self, and how they relate to reality and the search for happiness.

Each mental law builds on the one before it, beginning with how thoughts arise and disappear. The tone of this book is user friendly – the facts are presented with a dose of humor, and ways, in which the reader can check them out for themselves, as they operate in their own life, are presented. A simple statement in this book can be quite profound … such as “There is a difference between you and your thoughts, “, which Berger calls the key to freedom.

Throughout the book are insets entitled reality checks that highlight important information in each chapter. We might read about “Reality checks: Content versus context”, or “Reality check: Quantum mechanics”, or “Reality check: The mind-emotion-body connection”.

“Be the love you want to experience.”

from the book

The material in this book echo’s like material elsewhere, but much expanded, and with a focus on Oneness … not just wholeness, but Oneness. We are here to be part of a functioning whole, not just to be the best individual that we can be,

Berger provides her readers with two different types of tools of empowerment: focus tools and investigative tools. Focus tools include gratitude lists, power questions, noticing the support around you, meditation, contemplating the nature of reality, and letting everything be. Investigative tools include no comparisons, doing the work, focusing on the real, and expectations versus reality.

Confused about how to put it all together? Berger presents sample daily programs, with elements that the reader can tailor to their own lifestyle and needs. It all comes together in one neat package! More than just a book to read, here the reader is given ways to effect changes into their life that will bring them the harmony and happiness that they desire.

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