Review – The Purple Lenormand

The Purple Lenormand

Creator: Mary Nale
Independently Published

Purple Lenormand Box

I just received the Purple Lenormand, a new 36 card deck from Mary Nale of Attune Magazine. I don’t generally read with the Lenormand, but I do find this deck to be interesting. It is, as the name implies, done in purple, which is a favorite color of mine … a very relaxing, serene color.

The Purple Lenormand

The cards come in a clear, hard plastic box. There are no instructions. The card backs are a light purple, with a silver edged insert in the middle with the deck name, superimposed over fern leaves. The backs are not reversible. The card faces show the same light purple background, with the silver edged insert vertically in the middle of the card. The card image, and number, are placed over the silver edged insert.

This is meant to be a whimsical deck, and it is. Be aware that the imagery from this deck reflects life, which means that there are a full gamut of emotions expressed, some of which might be considered to be on the dark side. In the discussion of the cards below, the meanings of the cards were taken from this site:


Card number 3 shows a ship with masts, sailing on the ocean. The feeling here is a gentle one. Modern meanings include travel, putting all of your eggs in one basket, or the start of an enterprise.


Card number 8 shows a black coffin in the middle of the page, with black skulls, wearing top hats, on either side of the coffin. Sounds macabre, but it really is cute! Modern meanings include sickness, need of rest, or a visit to a hospital.

TPL 10-1

Card number 10 shows the Grim Reaper, holding a scythe in front of him. Modern meanings include the sudden end of something, which can be determined by the surrounding cards.

TPL 11

Card number 11 shows a short yellow broom, with a hand in front of it wielding a whip. Modern meanings include negotiations, clearing the air, and addressing issues as they crop up. On the flip side, we are looking at anger, arguments, and beating yourself up.

TPL 12

Card number 12 shows two crows, one in the upper right hand corner, and one in the lower left hand corner. In the middle we see a multi-colored hummingbird, in  the lower right hand corner we see a smaller light purple hummingbird. Modern meanings include text messaging, a successions of short meetings or messages, or communication.

I found this deck easy to read with … it could be used as a stand-alone oracle, or read in conjunction with the Tarot or some other oracle.  It is a beautiful deck, and a nice addition to the Lenormand tradition!

Available through Attune Magazine – Sales of this deck go to keeping Attune Magazine available to the public, for free.

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