Review – The Spiritual Pathway

The Spiritual Pathway –
A guide to the joys of awakening
and soul evolution


Author: Barbara Berger
Findhorn Press
ISBN #1-84409-022-1

The Spiritual Pathway cover

Barbara Berger (Fast Food For the Soul, The Road To Power 2, Mental Technology, Gateway To Grace, Are You Happy Now?, The Adventures of Pebble Beach)has hit a home run with “The Spiritual Pathway: A guide to the joys of awakening and soul evolution”. It is a book to be read and enjoyed, filled with information to be used, and techniques the reader can use to place the wisdom in their life. It opens a door to the pathway between unconscious “personality based” existence to a fully conscious “soul-based” life.

Words are not enough … Berger has annotated the text throughout with her own drawing that give a visual picture of the energies she is discussing. The material in this book is channeled material … it came to Berger during the time period of 1997 – 2000. Most of the insights came to her after deep meditation, or an extended period of silence spent in nature.

The material in this book is divided into three sections: Part 1 – Soul Technology, Part 2 – Mind Management, and Part 3 – Peace Technology. She talk about things such as energetic signposts, the big and little mind, the Diamond Pathway, locking on target, and manifesting the Higher Self.

Several techniques are explained, including Locking On Target, the Next Best Version of You, the Rock Ceremony, Peace Is Your Nature, Love Is Kind. For group work, there is a section called Star Transmitter that is quite powerful. It is suggested that time be set aside three times a day – morning, noon, and night – to meditate, work with affirmations, or do some other form of personal growth.

I found this material easy to read, and easy to work with. When the reader does the work,they connect with spirit, and carry with them a living sense of peace/Peace.

I recommend this book for readers of all ages, and all backgrounds.


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