Tarot Birth Cards – Justice/High Priestess

Over the next year I am going to be writing about Tarot Birth Cards, what they mean and how we can work with them. I use the system of Tarot Birth Cards developed by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone of the Tarot School (www.tarotschool.com). Using the Seeker’s birth data (month, day and year), pairs of birth cards are defined. (For more information, and to calculate your own Birth Cards, go to http://tarotschool.com/Calculator.html.)

Please note: I have a book being published by Schiffer Books in fall of 2011 – , “Keys To Empowerment”, incorporating images from Karyn’s Easton’s “Tarot Lovers Tarot”. This was to have been a joint project (book and deck published together), but the decision was made to publish both separately, which I find very exciting! Karyn has a Birth Card calculator up on her site, where you can also view her incredible deck (it really is!) –http://paranormality.com/tarot-birth-card-calculator.shtml.

A special thanks to Leisa ReFalo www.tarotconnection.net, who developed the Birth Card Calculator, and graciously gave us permission to use it.

Our second pair of Birth Cards are Justice (Key 11) and the High Priestess (Key 2). Some of the associations for these cards are:

Justice –
Astrological Sign: Libra
Keywords: Need to bring balance, past lessons, debts paid, success in legal matters, refusal to see need for balancing, past debts not addressed.

The High Priestess –
Astrological Sign: The Moon
Keywords: Intuition, knowledge, in tune with inner self, connection with feminine mysteries, anima (female sense of self), psychic ability, connection with dreamtime, lacking intuition, blocking information, negative nature, coldness, insincerity.

The theme for this lifetime is bringing a sense of balance to life through the analyzing and synthesizing of ideas. You learn to trust in yourself, your intuition and your psychic abilities. Through the lens of synthesis and analysis, the Seeker comes to understand both the opportunities and challenges of this lifetime.

We can choose to do personal work with our own Birth Cards, we can use Birth Cards in conjunction with a reading for a client (place their birth cards, drawn from a deck other than the one you are reading with, above the spread(s) laid out for them). The spread(s) are then read through the lens of perception of the Seeker’s Birth Cards. As added value, a reader could give their client scans of their Birth Cards, along with a short write-up about them. Readers can also use the Birth Card system to better understand other people in their own lives (family, co-workers, friends etc.).

The key to bringing balance to any lifetime is that of understanding how and where your Birth Cards are operating in your life. Justice is all about harmony and understanding others. It is a literal balancing of the scales – a need to nurture self, as well as to help others. The journey that Justice leads us on is an outer journey. Justice is active by nature.

The High Priestess is associated with the moon, intuition, the unconscious, psychic ability and dreamtime. The journey that she takes us on is an inner journey. She connects us with our creative center, and with spirit. The High Priestess is more about reacting than acting. She is passive by nature. With the High Priestess we need to look at where we are in the cycles of our life, and co-ordinate this with the ongoing cycles of the moon.

An 11/2 (Justice/High Priestess) individual empowers themselves by finding their own voice – discovering how they best communicate with their world within and with their outer world. They learn how to make their own wishes known, and not become overwhelmed by the wishes/needs of those around them. Empowerment comes through integration with both local and global communities (thank you, Internet!). Empowerment for this individual comes through understanding that they have the power to manifest the life that they wish.

We are what we tell ourselves we are. When we understand why we make the decisions that we do, we can look at the decisions that are not bringing us happiness, and rethink them. If our decisions are not taking us where we want to go, we have a disconnect in our life. An 11/2 lifetime is all about making the right decisions, and honoring where they take us.

Images from the “Tarot Lovers Tarot”, Karyn Easton, 2008, paranormality.com

© February 2011 Bonnie Cehovet