Review – “Whispers I Know”

Whispers I Know

Author: Noreen Jameson
ISBN #978-1-105-60932-9

In the name of the Highest Being …
without beginning, without end …
the Eternal Being …
(from the introduction)

Noreen begins this book, her third (the first two being “Petals of the R.O.S.E.” and “Wells of Wisdom”), with the notation that she prefers to speak of her spiritual work as intuitive in nature, as opposed to being psychic. I agree with her, for the very reasons that she gives – that the word psychic is often regarded as being somehow in the realm of charlatans and fakirs. She then goes on to describe the different ways of sensing – clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairalience (clear smelling), and claircognizant (clear knowing).

As a claircognizant, she knows things without ever having studied them, and without having any knowledge of the person or situation that she is receiving information about. This book is a continuation of her first two books … presenting information that has come to her in many different ways. (It might behoove me to note her that Noreen is a gifted metaphysician, healer, intuitive, and empath, who works closely with her guides and angels.)

One of the first things that Noreen talks about is finding our own spiritual essence, and that in doing so we will need to discard layers of negative/false conditioning. (Note: This is my perspective. We grow up with certain religious, cultural, and familial strictures/guidelines. As we go out into the world, we experience new things, and truly see what works for us. We keep what works for us, and discard the rest. Easier than it sounds, as family, friends, and the culture around us all push their own expectations on us.)

We are also encouraged to let our inner child out to play (not such an easy thing for an earth centered Cappie like me to do!). Easier for me is the encouragement to practice meditation, prayer, or simply take a “time out” on a regular basis. Be present, and live in the moment. Noreen touches on self-acceptance, and allowing ourselves to experience our emotions without repressing them, or judging them.

I loved the part about the life changes that we will experience when we live our spiritual essence. Amongst other things, we will feel lighter, worry less, experience less stress, and manifest more of what we want with less difficulty.

Each of the “clair” abilities is defined, along with how we process the information. Knowing that we have these abilities is really of no use until we develop them. The information in this book allows the reader to understand the process, which in essence takes the fear out of it. Then it goes one step further – with suggestions on how to develop each ability/ For this alone this book is worth a read!

The section on chakras is another of my favorites. The chakra system is how we process energy throughout our body. The seven major chakras are aligned on our spinal column (with the sixth chakra on our forehead, and the seventh chakra at the top of our head), and move energy up and down our spine. A blockage in one chakra not only presents problems with that particular chakra, but has the ability to affect all of the other chakras. I found the explanations of the chakras, how to tell if they were blocked, how to unblock them, and the questions that we need to ask ourselves, quite pertinent (as well as easy to understand).

A true gift is the section on grounding. It is so easy in this very fast paced world of our to become ungrounded. Too much information flying at us way too fast – instant overwhelm! To remain in the present, living from our center, we need to make the effort to remain grounded. Noreen presents information on Be-Ing Simple (a light meditation on the breath), and combining music with prayer/meditation.

There is also a section on crystals/gemstones and their color and energy associations. (The energy associations are specifically for abundance/ prosperity, safety/protection, dreamtime, healing/health issues, relationships, love relationships, and creativity.) Those who want to work with crystal grids will find information on that here too. For anyone who wants to do work on themselves, this will be pertinent information.

There is so much in this book that the reader can put to use in their life – including writing abundance checks (new moon schedules are provided for 2012 through 2015, as this is done within 24 hours after a new moon) and working with play money.

Noreen presents the Celtic Tree of Life as a subtle form of energy healing, on all levels. It is something that we can do on ourselves, as well as on others. Working with this system has many benefits, including clearing negative emotional patterns, connecting with Higher Self and Spirit, processing and releasing blocks, restoring balance, increasing awareness and clarity, and opening to vitality and wellness.

For those that work with Angels, Guides, and Archetypal energy, there is information on that here too! There is a nice explanation of what these energies are, and how to work with them. This is followed by a section on the construction and use of prayer beads. (I had never stopped to think that the prayer beads we place on our alter can be made of more delicate materials that prayer beads that we intend to carry with us!) If you want to construct your own prayer beads, this is a great section for you!

Noreen addresses Life Path Numbers as a tool for assessing our own spiritual essence. This section will lead many readers to a better understanding of themselves, and those around them. It is a tool that can be combined with other tools, such as Tarot, Angel work, and working with our Guides.

Another wonderful tool for understanding ones self and others is the Runes. They are presented here with great clarity … readers will find them very easy to work with. (This reminds me that I need to locate my set of Rose Quartz Runes – one that was specially made for me by a dear friend who has since passed on.)

Pendulum work is also discussed. A template is presented for asking questions of the pendulum which I find very interesting. I generally work within a directional Yes/No manner, so this is something new to me.

At the end of the book is an index that lists Tarot correspondences – what quality/energy is associated with which cards. This is a great help in learning the Tarot, or in expanding your knowledge of the Tarot.

There is a great deal of wisdom to be found within these pages (Note: I am reviewing the PDF format of this book). It is a wonderful read, and a great resource to have for personal work. Two thumbs up!

© July 2012 Bonnie Cehovet