Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year’s. It is a Yin year, and the Year of the Ox. The qualities inherent in the year of the Ox are dependability, patience, ambition, the ability to work hard, and to work methodically. The focus for this year is on material things.

I drew the Lover’s as a Tarot card for this year. I see this as coming to a better understanding of myself, and bringing a sense of balance to my life.

The questions that I ask myself about my Tarot interests/work are:

1. Am I where I want to be?

2. Am I enjoying what I do?

3. What needs to be nurtured?

4. What needs to be let go?

5. Where does the Tarot fit in with the rest of my life?

May this be a year of growth and expansion for all of us!



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