Journey To The Readers Studio 2011 – Part III

Note: Image above is from Joanna Powell-Colbert’s “Gaian Tarot”.

Now we are coming to the big show – the Saturday evening banquet. It was held in the same room that the presentations were given in – which I felt was appropriate. Bringing things full circle, as it were. When I got downstairs, I saw that people were gathering in the lounge area and the hallway in front of the banquet room. There was a nice mix of costumes and regular cloths – I loved the costumes! I wasn’t brave enough to do this, but I love that so many people were, and that they used their incredible imaginations to come up with some fantastic creations! Courtney Weaver was absolutely gorgeous as the Statue of Liberty, there were two individuals in very creative  Death makeup and costumes, Marcia McCord was absolutely gorgeous as Strength, and Mike Hernandez  made excellent use of a pizza box to create a unique crown for the Hierophant that he portrayed – with the help of the Marriott! 😉 It was wonderful to chat with people, and to see the gorgeous costumes up close and personal. I should mention that there was also an open cash bar, provided by the Marriott!

You know by now that I am uneasy in large crowds, and I was getting very uneasy. I couldn’t find Koneta Bailey, my anchor for the day! I was standing by one of the doors, and must have been looking ready to bolt, because several lovely Aussie ladies (including Stella Luna, Annie Dunlop, and Linda Henery asked me to join them at their table, which I very thankfully did! I ended up sitting between the lovely Stella Luna (very gracious lady!) and Mike Hernandez,  who is one of the funniest, most brilliant people that I have ever met. His Hierophant costume spoke for itself. Also at our table was Gina Theis (an incredible lady who wore a lovely Egyptian headdress), and Elinor Greenberg – a quietly wise and funny lady! I was so happy to meet her, and to spend time talking to her. There were two other ladies at the table, whose names I do not know (including the lady who actually invited me to sit there!). I apologise  – I am not intending to ignore you!

The dinner itself was quite good – and we got down to it after people finally settled down! LOL It was good to see people moving around, snapping pictures, swapping stories and in general having a very good time! After the main meal (and before desert) we had the parade of costumes, MC’d by the incomparable Thalassa! She is the female version of Mike Hernandez – someone who can be incredibly funny, yet incredibly insightful at the same time. Thank you to all of the people that took the time to create those wonderful costumes! And thank you to “That Dan guy” for ending things on a high note! One of the individuals in the parade created quite a memora ble moment for me – and I don’t remember her name! She spoke about how she valued the Readers Studio, and how we all had that “OMG!” moment when Wald had his heart attack, and we were concerned about him, Ruth Ann, the coming Readers Studio, and the possibility that we might actually lose a valuable member of our Tarot community. Thalassa called Wald up to the stage, and had him say a few words. Definitely a memory moment! Wald, it was so good to see you feeling well at the conference!

I did not go down to the Sunday half-day – mainly because this is when you do a final reading, and then compare it to the reading that you did on the first day, to see how much you have learned. I love this technique, but I wasn’t there on the first day! 😉 Instead, I got to sleep in, then watch the NBA to my hearts content!

I am going to let my mind roam for a moment, so these next thoughts will be stream of consciousness. People that I wanted to introduce myself to, but the opportunity never came up – Bev Haskins and Alec Satin. Thank you to Amy Zerner and Monty Farber for taking the time to come to the hotel on Saturday so that we could meet you. Actually, I never got to meet Monte, but I did get to meet Amy! She is a lovely lady, and the artist behind some of the most stunning cloths and jewelery out there! You can find her and Monte on

I have to say a few words about the vendors – where would we be without them! Dan Pelletier hosted the Tarot Garden table – way too many good things … I could go broke there! They can be found here – The Tarot Media Company was represented by Rose Red – they had their usual incredible mix of merchandise – all very high quality! You can find them here – Robert Place brought his excellent work with him – it was great to talk to him again and touch bases! Bob can be found here – Ciro Marchetti and his lovely wife Maria brought his work – including copies of his new deck, which Koneta got a copy of! Ciro’s work can be seen here – I have to add here that Maria was wearing the dress that Ciro has been showing on Face Book, which shows his own designs. Maria and the dress were both stunning!

Coventry Creations stole my heart with their candles and oils! I bought two candles to be used in a specific ritual – one representing air for communications, and one representing the main energy that I wanted to work with. I was torn between two candles for the main energy, and the very gracious lady representing the company asked me just he questions that needed to be asked so that I got the product that was right for me. I don’t know her name, but I do thank her! I am on hte third and final night of this ritual, and feel very good about what is manifesting! Coventry Creations can be found here – I was impressed that not only was the intent for each candle specified on the label, but there were specific instructions on how to burn the candle safely, and for best results.

Joanna Powell-Colbert was there with not only her Gaian Tarot deck but other incredible merchandise! I am such a fan of Joanna and the Gaian Tarot, and hte energy that Joanna puts into all of her work. Joanna can be found here –

There were a couple of other vendors offering wonderful merchandise, but early senility is setting in, and I cannot remember their names! 😉

I was very impressed with the Readers Studio, as I always am. There is a group of wonderful ladies that helps gets things together and take people throught he registration process – kudos to each of you! There is a table set out in the hallway (actually, this year there were two tables!) where people are encouraged to leave business cards, flyers and brochures. I did due diligence and left a flyer for my upcoming book on Birth Cards. Inside the meeting room is a table where people bring items for exchange – books, decks, oracles etc. I didn’t pick anything up this year, but I did leave a book for someone else to enjoy. 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Readers Studio. I was only active on Saturday, but it was well worth it! I encourage everyone to attend – the speakers are always high quality, the networking opportunities are endless, and you get to put a “real” face to individuals that you have been engaging with on the Internet. Many thanks to each of you – you made my time there special!

One last footnote – sending prayer and Reiki healing energy to Ruth Ann, who fell off the stage after the conference, breaking her collarbone and injuring a rib. May your recovery be quick and as pain free as it can be. My heart is with you!

(c) May 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Journey To The Readers Studio 2011 – Part III

  1. Koneta says:

    Sorry I missed you at dinner Sat. night. Sounds like you were in good hands though. 🙂

    I was fortunate in my foundation reading partner as it was Bev Haskins. A super lady that was so nice to work with.


  2. Koneta –

    Yes, I was in good hands! Bev is one of he people that I didn’t get to meet and talk to that I wanted to meet and talk to! LOL There is always another year. 🙂

    Very happy that you were there on Saturday to keep me going!


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