Review – Negotiating For Women

Negotiating For Women

Author: Lynda Hykin



ISBN #978-1-4849-33-5

Negotiation For Women

The key to this book is Hykin’s assertion that women have a valuable contribution to make, in the workforce, and in society. As women,we need to own this statement before we can do anything. The focus of this book is simple … use three simple strategies to take control of your money, your career, and your life. A simple focus … leading to a profound result!

I loved the real world, “down home” tone to this book. Hykin speaks from her own personal experience throughout the book, with real life examples of what works, and what does not work. What are the three strategies? Motivation, Momentum, and Mastery. In Motivation, the reader discovers their “why” … as in why do they want a certain amount of money in their life. In Momentum, Hykin presents the ten reasons that hold women back: fear, what you believe, gender differences, good girl syndrome, self-discrimination, achievements, work/life balance, the word “no”, women don’t take risks, and lack of mentorship. In Mastery, it all comes together: developing a plan, making the delivery, going through an interview,and negotiating a job offer.

Negotiating is not only about money, and it is a tool that can be used in all areas of life. This is an excellent book for women who want to be successful in all of their worlds!

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3 comments on “Review – Negotiating For Women

  1. Hope it gets translated in our parts, as it just sounds like a kind of book we need… Thank you for the review, Bonnie, it’s informative and honest like always (and there are very few of those sadly…)

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