New Moon In Virgo Reading

Three of Swords

There is a very gentle rain going on outside – nicely conducive to doing a New Moon reading! This New Moon is in Virgo, focusing on introspection, patience, and the how and why of what we are manifesting. This is a time of moving past limiting beliefs from the past and bringing Mind/Body/Spirit into alignment. Virgo asks us to see the truth in a situation – even when it hurts! We can only pretend for so long – then we need to own our thoughts, own our actions, and own that we are co-creators of our own life.

Deck used: “Sun and Moon Tarot” (Vanessa Decort, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.)

  1. What actions do I need to take to become more self-aware? – Nine of Pentacles
  2. How can I best connect with my emotional self? – Seven of Wands
  3. How can I best connect to, and express, my creative (spiritual) self? – Three of Swords

To become more self aware, I need to pay closer attention to what success means to me. What in the material world reflects my idea of success? What do I need to have to feel successful? What choices have brought success to me? What sense of confidence has success brought to me? I need to honor the success that is already there.

To connect with my emotional self, I need to accept the battles of life, give my best, and honor my “wins”. Conflict helps me to focus, and to move past stagnation and depression. Conflict literally “gets my blood up”! Conflict can make me feel alive. The caveat here – not to become so involved in conflict that I can’t see past it.

To connect to my creative self, I need to allow myself to acknowledge the pain that can be in life, and move through it. I need to use this pain to transform myself.

© September 2010 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “New Moon In Virgo Reading

  1. chergreen says:

    Interesting spread. Enjoyed your reading and your interpretations.

    Best wishes,

  2. Cher –

    Many thanks for the kind words! 🙂


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