Capricorn New Moon December 2011

Christmas Eve (a big deal with my family – we have Sloppy Joe’s for dinner and then open presents!) brings us the New Moon in Capricorn (to join the Sun that already is in Capricorn). This really makes me happy, as I have a Capricorn Sun and Moon (yes, I do – I was born practically in Canada!), and am very much winter’s child. BTW – in case you have not noticed, I am not an astrologer, I am a commentator. The hard core info re this (or any) new (or full) moon will have to come from someone else.

So, just what does a Capricorn New Moon bring us? The usual energy of new beginning that all new moons are, with a touch of Cappie tenacity, and determination. Whatever we sow this New Moon will have a very powerful intent behind it. Cappies do not do anything half-way, so it should be fairly easy to get a clear vision of where whatever seeds you are sowing are going to take you. Make these seeds the best of the best, and there is great power here.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, asks us to pay attention to our role in society, to what we can contribute to the overall well being of our community. Saturn also asks us to own our personal authority – to walk our talk, to speak up, rather than keeping silent. Be aware that while a new moon is all about new beginnings, when you walk your talk there are things that you will recognize as no longer serving you well, things that need to be released.

Over the past years I have seen change in myself regarding holidays, and I have seen this same change in others. We are not exactly “reinventing” holiday celebrations, but we are fine tuning them and developing new traditions, while at the same time releasing some of the old traditions that no longer serve us well. For me, this was not an easy process, but the world has changed, and I opted to change with it … albeit kicking and screaming at times.

With patience and persistence we can enter the New Year full throttle, filled with intent and purpose, and with a clear vision of that which we wish to create.

Questions that we might want to ask ourselves are:

  1. What do I need to honor in myself?
  2. What do I need to honor in my community?
  3. How can I share my wisdom with others?
  4. What no longer serves me, and needs to be released?
  5. What no longer serves my community, and needs to be released?
  6. What do I wish to accomplish in the year 2012? (Dream the big dream here … don’t hold back!)

Remember that this new moon is taking us into the year of the Hierophant. He is the conduit between the physical world and the spiritual world. He mentors us in things pertaining to our beliefs, or morals, our faith, and how we reflect this in our lives. This next year is going to be one in which we question our belief systems, in which we question our faith, and one in which we will be making the choice to release that which no longer serves us well, so that we can walk our talk. What better sign than Capricorn to help us do this deep inner examination, so that the seeds we are sowing will take us where we want to go!

© December 2011 Bonnie Cehovet

2 comments on “Capricorn New Moon December 2011

  1. Thank you. Great questions for exploration.

  2. Claire-Marie –

    I am happy that you liked this article! I love working with questions – I often find information that I was not even aware that I was looking for! 😉


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