Review – Listen Well, Volume I

Listen Well – Volume I

Author: Margaret Dulaney
Produced by: Matt Balitsaris
Maggie’s Farm Recording Studios

I have always loved a good and true story, that hints at the
divine workings beyond this physical world, a story that lifts
me out of the mundane and into the upper atmospheres
of hope, courage and gladness.
~ Margaret Dulaney

I felt very gifted when I received this CD for review. I hold the belief that things come into our lives when they are supposed to, and for a reason. Author Margaret Dulaney is a former playwright that now writes in the spiritual/ethical genre. More than that. She takes the written word into spoken word on her site,, in the form of monthly audio offerings. From her landing page:

“Offering once-monthly, recorded pieces that speak to our need for individual awakening, and embrace the shared wisdom of all faiths.”

This CD shares offerings from her site: “Our Affections”, “Someday”, “The Owl”, ”Worthless Days”, “A Remarkable Story”, and “A Small Matter of Great Importance”, from Dulaney, and “On Wings of Silence”, from guest writer Sophy Burnham.

Listening to these stories is like taking a small “time-out”, and moving into another world – the world of spirit. Dulaney’s voice is strong but gentle, easy to follow, sitting well on your spirit. Quiet your mind … hear the story!

Dulaney’s site,, is there to bring hope. Her CD is there to bring hope. When her CD is purchased, it brings hope. The entire proceeds are going to the Micro-finance organization FONKOZE, which is committed to lifting the rural poor of Haiti out of poverty.

This CD entertains us, takes us into the world of spirit, and allows us to become part of something larger than ourselves. What more could one ask!

© May 2012 Bonnie Cehovet

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