Montenegrin coast from dusk ’till dawn

Beautiful photo’s of Montenegro!


100_8088 100_8089 100_8091 100_8094 100_8096 100_8097 100_8101 100_8103 100_8105 100_8106 100_8110 100_8111 100_8127 100_8128 100_8129 100_8133

To make it up for my absence from WP – after the images and words on Russian winter – here is an eye candy of another kind for you to enjoy. I was on a work trip on the coast and had very little free time so the pictures are taken late in the afternoon and early in the morning, when i made it out of the hotel and away from the duty. The pictures were taken at The Budva Riviera and at the Bay of Kotor, hope you’ll like them.

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