Review – The Chronicles of Destiny

The Chronicles of Destiny
Fortune Cards

Author: Josephine Ellershaw, Emily Ellershaw
Artwork: Claudia McKinney
Schiffer Publishing Ltd
ISBN #978-076434624-8

Chronicles of Destiny cover

“Welcome, Seeker. Within you will find the threshold
to another world, a doorway through the written word
to guide you through your quest. A thin veil penned with
golden ink is all that separates you from the answers your
desire. Each card holds a story and the message you are

~ Prologue

I was in high expectation of receiving this deck, just because of the name! I mean, “Chronicles of Destiny” – who would not be excited! I was not disappointed! This 60 card deck tells a story in and of itself, and helps the reader to discover their personal story. In their introduction, the authors note that storytelling is an ancient tradition, both written and oral, used to impart ageless wisdom. The theme of these cards is that they are a book that tells a story, and that the cards are meant to act as a fortune-telling system that provides insight and guidance. Each card is a chapter in this story, the sequence of which helps the reader to remember the card meanings.

The set includes 60 cards and a 175 page companion book, and comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic, lift-top lid. (I love the bit of ribbon that one uses to open this box!) The box is crafted to look like a book, with a dark green background, gold hinges, and gold corners. The sides are made to look like the edges of a book. The cover carries the picture of the Guardian of the Books, while the back carries thoughts on the cards, and what they have to offer.

The gateway into this story is the Enchanted Emporium, with the person entering the “Chronicles of Destiny” taking on the role of Seeker. (I just had a very vivid thought that this system would be a lovely app, and certainly has possibilities to become an interactive game!) The Seeker is on a quest for answers to their questions – how much better can it get! The Seeker will receive step-by-step instructions, keywords, in-depth meanings, and more! From the book:

“On a certain street in every town, quietly nestled between unsuspecting buildings and invisible to the undiscerning eye, The Enchanted Emporium waits.

The shop senses a seeker, and shimmers into life, glowing in anticipation for the journey to be taken, the knowledge and secrets to be learnt. Golden lights flicker and dance within, enticing their curiosity to step within and explore.

A solemn child emerges from the rows of ancient books.

“Name?” she enquires seriously.

With the Seeker’s response, the charm she holds begins to sway, silvery chimes from tiny bells ring out into the hushed silence.

“Ah yes, we’ve been expecting you. Please follow me.” 

Each card is presented with a color image, a short excerpt from the story, the card definition, and the Moral of the Story, which presents the main keywords for the card. I loved the characters and archetypes presented in this book (i.e. The Hero, The Heroine, Dreams, The Elder, The Lighthouse, Weaver of Words, Book of Destiny, Alchemy, and Phoenix, to name just a few) – they “are” what life is all about! The one that accompanies the Seeker on their quest is The Guardian of the Books. She provides access to all of the other cards/characters, and protects the Enchanted Emporium.

At the end of the book we find sections on how to read the cards, spreads to use (the two card Open Book spread, the six card Summary spread, the seven card Alternate Realities spread, the four card Sequel spread, and the four card Story spread), sample readings, guidelines for determining timing, ethics, and clearing the cards. The epilogue presents a summary of keywords for the cards, as well as a short bibliography.

card back

The cards are 2 5/8” by 4 ¾, of glossy card stock, with gilt edges. The card backs are done in shades of a dusty blue. In the middle of the card we see a female face that looks like a mask, surrounded by an ornate headdress. The face is over a set of what looks like railroad tracks, going off into the mist. The card faces show a black background, with a thin gold border inset ¼” from the side of the card. The card number and title is at the bottom of the card, in gold lettering. The image is centered in the middle of the card.

One of the first ways that I used this deck was to choose a card to focus on for a flash fiction piece. I used Number 13 – Time Flies. Other cards that I really liked include:

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0002

The Warlock – Number 20 The card shows a male figure wearing a dark cape and top hat. A raven sits on his left shoulder. The moral of the story is “Delays and holdups. Obstacles. Sometimes theft.”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0003

The Gatekeeper – Number 29 The card shows a female figure, dressed  in white, her hands in a position of prayer (palms together). The moral of the story is “Unlocks obstacles or secrets; doors being opened for you. A lucky escape.”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0004

Weaver of Words – Number 38 The card shows a female figure, in a white dress, writing in a book that she holds in her lap. The moral of the story is “Small ideas with big potential, ideas taking off and taking form. The power of words, tact and diplomacy. Writers.

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0005

Alchemy – Number 30 The card shows a female figure, dressed in black, with a black top hat. The moral of his story is “Something ordinary has the potential to turn into something extraordinary. You only get out of something what you put into it, but you have the ingredients to create something special.”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0006

Guardian of the Books – Number 2 The card shows a dark haired female looking out at the Seeker. The moral of the story is “Occupation or workplace. Dedication to work.”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0007

The Masquerade – Number 22 The card shows a male figure dressed in black, and a female figure dressed in white, against the back drop of a ball. The moral of the story is “Illusionary situations. Everything may not be as it seems, be careful who you trust. Confusion and clouded thinking. Secrecy.”

Wizard's Pets Tarot_0008

Book of Destiny – Number 43 The card shows a dark haired female figure, in a dark dress, with an open book on her lap. The moral of the story is “Destiny is created when you actively pursue it. Whilst fate may present certain circumstances, destiny unfolds once you move towards it. Action shapes destiny.”

The author’s note that a book is meant to be read upright, so the cards should be also. As there needs to be a balance in life, there is a balance of energy in this deck. Listed as “supporting cast” are the four seasons (all represented as ladies), the Hero, and he Heroine. You do not have to be an experienced reader to use this deck, but experienced readers will gain from it. I recommend it for all ages, and all backgrounds. My personal thought is that this is going to come in handy with my writing!

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Reproduction prohibited without the written permission of he author.


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