Review – Windscapes


Author: Noreen Jameson
Artist: Noreern Jameson
Independently Published
ISBN #978-1-300-08378-0

Windscapes cover

“Windscapes” is the seventh book in this series of books by Noreen Jameson. Noreen is a metaphysician, healer, and Druid – her books deal with empowering ourselves, and becoming authentic people. I cannot recommend them highly enough! The first three books in this series (“Petals of the R.O.S.E.”, “Wells of Wisdom”, and “Whispers … I know …”) were meant to act as the “roots” of an all-encompassing Tree. Her fourth book, “Lifescapes”, was meant to act as the trunk of the Tree. Her fifth book, “Branching Out”, is an expansion of previous information, along with new “buds” of information being presented. What we are seeing here is the highly esoteric (IMHO) being brought down to an everyday understanding.

In “Windscapes”, Jameson addresses letting go of that which does not serve our highest good …of allowing it to quietly blow away. The tone of the book is set with this statement: “As always, I respectfully request that you keep an open mind; the goal is never to question anothers’ Path, but to fearlessly and truthfully examine your own.

Topics addressed in “Windscapes” cover quite a gamut – nutrition (and how to make home-made yogurt, Yeshua and Buddha, affirmations, gentle prayers, crystal divination, yin and yang, Egyptian Zodiac Signs, acorns of knowledge, Tattwas, sacred writings, palmistry, the 72 Kabbalistic Names of Godde, Native American Full Moon Names, and reflexology.

Those who have read Jameson’s previous work will realize that the topics covered in this book both expand on her original work, and fill in a few blanks. The book begins with Jameson answering questions that readers have asked. This is more than a great idea, because if one reader has a question, many more have the same question, but just aren’t asking it. Her responses reference specific sections of her previous books.

The information presented in this book is in depth, and easy to follow. It represents a lifetime of work and study, along with the ability to access Spirit and bring through messages. It is written in such a fashion that the reader can easily implement the information in their life.   Work with prayer, meditation, crystals (including programing and scrying), tattwas (the five elemental shapes) and more.

From the book:

“If you can visualize it, you can get it! If you “imagine” it, you have it!

 If you conceive it”, you achieve it!”

“Windscapes” can be purchased here –

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